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Tweed on Tweed


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                                                                                  Photos by Lea

I am obsessed with tweed. It is actually pure, genius coincidence that my boilersuit and coat are made of the exact same fabric. It's like a pair of twins separated at birth, joyfully reunited by me. Of course I could not allow for them to ever be separated again, that would be cruel.

This emotional aspect alone makes this, quite possibly, my favourite outfit concoction of all time. A see-through heel, a peek of bright, seasonally inappropriate colour thanks to this extremely versatile Zara blouse, and this grey bag with neon-orange trim (it goes so well with the removable coat collar) provided the final touches. I wish someone could-high five me on all these well thought out details.

Where did this mysterious specimen by Céline suddenly come from? I purchased it almost a year ago and it was stuck in customs until now, thanks to a faulty receipt. You can't imagine how tearfully happy I was when I was finally able to pick it up (there was a lot of hugging). After finding my way through a maze of administration, intimidating offices and having to wait for the person of authority to return from their two month vacation, we were finally united. Yes, it seems that those that work for a German governmental body are constantly on holiday.

I am wearing my trusty Carven coat, an Asos boilersuit, a Zara blouse, an H&M x MMM bracelet worn as a necklace, Chloé boots and a Céline bag.