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Reality Check


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I just rediscovered this long forgotten photo that, so to speak, never so the light of day. It was taken over a year ago after a meeting in Prenzlauer Berg. It made me realise that since I finished university, started working full time in an office over a year ago and stopped freelancing, choosing what to wear in the morning has drifted far more towards functionality. This isn‘t helped by the fact that every morning I fight a perpetual battle not to be late for work, which means the time dedicated to creative outfit concoctions is slightly limited. This brings up the never ending dilemma of office appropriate workwear. Is it acceptable to wear this purple faux fur biker jacket? How many colours do I have to limit myself to? Is this too garish? Too weird? In a way I feel as if I had to suffocate my creativity regarding outfit compilations even more now that I am working in a PR company where before I was writing for a magazine. Is there even any space in the working world for my neon pink python purse and 80s penguin-print jumper featuring 3D bows? Probably not.

I am wearing an unknown biker jacket, an Acne blouse, Current/Elliot jeans, Acne boots and a Zara bag.