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Not So Simple Basics


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Yesterday Alasdair and I had our registry wedding in Marzahn-Hellersdorf. It is the most random district to have it in but we got the earliest appointment there and afterwards we all had champagne out of plastic cups on the square in front of the registry office. It was awesome. 

I love these photos that Alasdair and I shot the other day of me in my paper-like UEG blouse. It is in fact made out of Tyvek, a very durable material used in the building industry. You might remember it from this post. These were taken the morning after a long night out so ignore my bruised feet. I attacked these jeans with some scissors and my cheese grater to get that ripped hem I've always been dreaming of. I have some exciting things to show you!

I am wearing a UEG blouse and Replay/DIY jeans.


Entschuldigt, dass ich in den letzten paar Posts nicht auf Deutsch geschrieben habe. Gestern haben Alasdair und ich in Marzahn-Hellersdorf endlich standesamtlich geheiratet. Nach der sehr lustigen Trauung haben wir mit unseren Freunden auf dem Platz vor dem Standesamt Champagner aus Plastikbechern getrunken und uns mit Konfetti beworfen. Es war so ein lustiger Tag,
Ich liebe diese Fotos die Alasdair und ich vor ein paar Tagen gemacht haben während ich meine Papierähnliche Bluse von UEG anhatte. Sie ist aus Tyvek, ein sehr beständiges Textil welches oft in der Bauindustrie benutzt wird. Diese Replay Jeans habe ich mit einer Schere und einem Käsereiber attackiert. Ich habe euch noch einige tollen Sachen zu zeigen Jetzt muss ich erstmal los!
Ich trage eine Bluse von UEG und eine Replay/DIY Jeans.

Fail-Safes for Fall


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Summer is by far not over but I have already gotten way too excited about fall. This is slightly idiotic since it is 30 degrees today but fall is my favourite season of the year for two main reasons: the weather is (usually) always glorious and I can start piling on the layers. Even if this fall ends up being rainy it at least lets me justify why having an obsession with jackets and coats was, after all, completely sensible.

I do suffer from one wardrobe illness though: I forget about basics and stock up on prints, crazy vintage pieces and opulent dresses. I have been browsing the internet in search of the perfect basics for inspiration and to draw up a list. It is sad how much fun I have doing this. I thought I should share the fruits of my labour and present you with a small list of not-so-basics that fit in perfectly with my usual morning scenario:

I roll out of bed, take about 10 minutes to actually wake up and then take my sweet old time in the bathroom before I realise, "shit! I have 15 minutes and I'm still in my towel. Hamish needs to be fed and walked and what the hell am I going to wear?!" In those moments I need the perfect leather trousers, the knit that drapes just so and is of course also super soft, a pair of comfortable but chic shoes and of course the right jacket, preferably oversized. This ensemble then needs to somehow match without looking boring while at the same time allowing me to hop onto my bike in a panic so I can cycle to work like a maniac. Sadly this morning scenario is totally accurate. Point is, these items are for non-morning people like me.

Please note I have set the bar quite high here and I've picked my favourite versions of staples. These are my 2012 fall necessities (excluding jumpers, still working on those):

1. The shearling jacket in a muddy/khaki colour and in an oversized cut to keep you warm. Everyone reaches for black. Black is great, yes, it is my go-to colour for anything to do with leather (my favourite shearling jacket is a vintage men's coat from the 80s) but this time I'm reaching for something different that still remains versatile. Of course Acne released yet again another jaw dropping beauty. 5 stars from me. The grey shearling lining is the perfect twist. Velocite jacket by Acne.

2. A pair of leather trousers with beltloops, no pockets in the back and a high waist that prevent my behind from turning into a builder's bum when I decide to have a coffee. The unseamed leather at the bottom of the legs is the perfect detail. Best leather trousers by Acne.

3. A white shirt is the wardrobe staple, right after jeans. It is the one thing I am always on the search for and will probably forever be. The fact that this one is made of Tyvek gives it a paper-like appearance. It doesn't get much cooler than that. UEG paper shirt.

4. Black, chic trainers and a pair of edgy boots. I'll be honest. I was not a fan of Isabel Marant's trainers in the beginning. I wasn't really sure what to think of them except that hell was going to freeze over before I ever owned a pair. Well, after being inundated with images of Miranda Kerr and many bloggers looking so utterly cool I started to realise that my boyish wardrobe and a pair of her hybrid trainers were a match made in heaven. I started to like the shape, the colours and now I don't just like them, I love them. Hyprocritical of me? Maybe. I think of it as expanding my horizons. Boston trainers by Isabel Marant and Kori boots by Alexander Wang.

No need to really talk about the boots except that when it's raining and cold all you end up wishing for is a pair of perfectly crafted bad-boys that still manage to make even the simplest of outfits look ridiculously good.

I need to get some jumpers in that list. 

What fall/winter staples do you go for? Do you go for vintage, do you invest in the best? Tell me!