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Bohemian Treasures


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When Alasdair and I lived in Rotterdam for half a year I came across the shoe shop Sacha, which I ended up really missing when we moved back to Britain. Luckily they are now  finally shipping to Germany!
On Sunday we visited the fleamarket, which is where I discovered this beautiful mohair coat for an amazing 35 € and I couldn’t wait to combine it with these gorgeous boots – thank you Sacha! The coat and the boots are letting me get in touch with my bohemian side again, a nice change to the leather overflow as of late.
I am wearing a second-hand mohair coat, a Topshop jumper, an H&M shirt underneath, a Moxham necklace, Current/Elliot jeansboots courtesy of Sacha and a Celine bag.



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                                                                               Photos by Lea

I'm stuck in a leather rut. Please don't help me. This boxy top still makes me gasp everytime I pull it over my head – the layering possibilities are endless. The odd kindergarten inspired, sparkly backpack thrown in for good measure allows for lots of carefree, childhood memories to flare up and makes me hate having to be a grown up even more.

On another note, I think I quite suit facial hair. (Keeping that inner child entertained.)

I am wearing an H&M x Stine Riis coat, a Topshop top, an H&M x MMM men's shirt, Mango trousers, Balenciaga boots and an Elly Cheng backpack.



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                                                                                  Photos by Alasdair

Quilted and embellished regality at its finest, rounded off with classic red lips. When you are encased in onion-like layers each day during winter, a statement coat can be completely transformational, not much else is needed. I'm still habitually reaching towards my leather trousers five out of seven mornings. Calling them a staple is starting to sound laughable and I'm already imagining you rolling your eyes and thinking, "not again!" Maybe tomorrow you'll be in luck.

I am wearing a D&G jacket, my quilted Topshop x J.W. Anderson top tucked away underneath (similar here), Acne leather trousers (similar here) and Chloé boots.

Proverbial Shield


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                                                                            Photos by Lea (Dörrface), last one by me.

Slightly puffy eyes, no time energy to put on makeup and unruly hair that I took three minutes of my precious morning to brush - I have been running on empty this week (and it's only Tuesday) and am now buried under layers of down and wool in order to get rid of whatever it is that's decided to make me stay at home.

My fist-pump-jump was probably when my theoretical generator was kickstarted, taking me through the rest of Monday and ultimately turning off when there was no more energy available at the beginning of Tuesday.

Shearling, Doc Martens and leather trousers are my proverbial shield as of late, whereas a certain man in my neighbourhood is reaching towards a questionable pair of pink snowboots, which are trecking past our door every morning. Do I need to mention that:

  • We have 87654345 feet of snow hiding Berlin's plethora of bits and bobs that you'd rather see in a bin than under your feet. - It's magical.
  • It's -23985° outside.
  • It's fucking awesome.

I am wearing an Acne jacket, a Topshop jumper, a Zara shirt, All Saints leather trousers and Doc Martens.

Carry Me Home on Your Shoulders


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                                                                            Photos by Lea and I

Apologies for the silence, which in cyber-time feels like a century. The last few days have been so hectic, in a good way at least.

A proper fisherman's knit is as essential to fall and winter as my morning coffee is for me to wake up. I've had this vintage one for almost two years now and the colder days are unthinkable without it. I love combining it with skinnies or a structured skirt, such as this one from Topshop. Hamish feels quite similiar and likes wearing his little fleece jacket (featuring an integrated scarf :p). Today is his 2nd birthday! I don't know how I feel about the fact his fur and my hair look frighteningly similar in these photos.

I recently discovered The Staves and am head-over-heels in love with their songs. They perfectly describe the way this time of year makes me feel: searching for a blanket, dimming the lights and cuddling up on the couch with a cup of tea.

I am wearing a vintage jumper, a Topshop skirt, Zara boots, a Moxham necklace and a Givenchy bag.