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Braving the Grey


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I don't believe in queues, especially not for clothing. How I didn't pick up on Britain's favourite pastime while living in Scotland is beyond me. With a cup of tea (herbal, not black) in my hand I clicked the white and black leather Isabel Marant pour H&M trousers home in the evening of the launch day without participating in the solidarity camp on Friedrichstraße thank you very much. Since I also don't believe in leather trousers without belt loops that was the practical detail that sealed the deal. After several wears leather leggings end up at my ankles and I'd prefer to keep my cheeks covered in this weather but you wouldn't imagine how difficult it is to find decent leather trousers with belt loops. 

I have already raved on about Gaudeli's Vintage, my favourite vintage store in Berlin and now you can see the coat and blazer from her store in all their glorious action. She sources all her impeccable pieces from Italy and yesterday we had a long chat over chocolate cake about her and her store's history. Get ready for an in-depth interview and photos next week!

I can't hark on enough about how much I love winter layering, especially when there are two patterns involved as well as a texture mix of velvet, leather and handwoven fabrics from Firenze. I'm braving the onset of winter's greyness with some eff you blues and whites.

I am wearing a vintage blazer and coat, a Gina Tricot jumper, a Glamourai necklace, Isabel Marant pour H&M leather trousers and Thakoon boots.

P.S. See you in Paris tomorrow!

7 Eyes


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                                                                                  Photos by Lea (Dörrface)

I'm not sure how many of you will like this outfit but I'm completely crazy about it. It sounds quite laughable when I say this but I dreamed about it and had to wear it immediately the next day. As much as I love this Isabel Marant numbered top, I find it surprisingly difficult to combine without looking like the American flag, which in regards to blasted Sandy, might be a perfect way to pay tribute to the country that I lived in for 5 years.

This Marques Almeida jacket though is literally the other pea in the pod to this top. They go together like bread and butter. In order to avoid my look going totally down grunge lane, I decided to pair it with one of my most treasured skirts and these dearly loved but extremely painful Thakoon boots.

I really hope everyone from the U.S. reading this is safe and dry. I am really worried about my family in new Jersey and everyone living on the East Coast; a 200 year old tree just narrowly missed my mom's house while crashing down onto our lawn!

I am wearing a Missoni coat, a Marques Almeida jacket, an Isabel Marant top, a Roland Mouret skirt and Thakoon boots.

On Sense and Sensibility


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Being best friends with the DHL deliveryman and the hairdresser next door that kindly accepts all my packages, resulted in me cancelling my credit card yesterday. This was not for any other reason than to regain sight of what is actually within my closet, which is increasingly starting to feel more like Narnia. I actually have a friend whose hallway looks more like a cardboard fort with clouds of tissue paper thrown in for good measure.

The Internet and the influx of information and inspiration that accompanies it, is seriously both a blessing and a curse. For at least a few minutes it coaxes you into believing that that Proenza Schouler jacket with the perfectly woven leather is a completely acceptable purchase, even an investment, in fact you need it. Those few minutes of blissful illusion have my insides feeling like a pinball machine. Of course at that moment your conscience decides to report back to duty and ruin everything.

My sensible thinking is less likely to be tossed out the window when I physically visit a store than it is when I giddily click myself through Net-A-Porter, wondering when those Isabel Marant boots might arrive or if that Carven dress runs true to size. There is no such thing as currency when it comes to online shopping. It feels like monopoly and you’re living on the Boardwalk. It’s all a fictional blur that doesn’t become reality until that 10 kilo package is sitting on your living room table with an invoice to go with it that would make you rather unpack it with your eyes closed. So where’s the joy in that?

So yeah, Mastercard, there are some things that money can’t buy and that’s sense and sensibility (yes, Jane Austen discovered that far sooner than I) so it’s time to part ways. At least for now.

On that note, enjoy this (almost) complete high street ensemble.

I am wearing an Angelica Blick for NLY Trend blazer, a Topshop skirt (similar here), a Zara blouse (similar here) and Thakoon boots (similar here).

Soft Rock


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My outfit from today. Yes, I'm still obsessed with pastels and prints, preferrably worn together. This time I wanted to give my pastel outfit a biker edge though. These jeans are actually so unflattering on me but I love them anyway, even if they make me look huge. Sometimes the print is just too good to let an item go. I'm ashamed to say, I have completely neglected my velvet Thakoon boots and their perfect blue hue rounded off this outfit perfectly. I am terrible at walking in high heels and it's always painful. It actually makes no sense for me to buy them but when they are beautiful, my mind draws a blank concerning practicality. Anyways, a grimace can be mistaken for a smile. Hah. The only brand I've found that makes shoes that don't cause my feet to feel like they're going to fall off is Acne. In those cases where every step makes me want to cry, foldable ballerinas are my saviour. They say practice makes perfect. When is it going to pay off?!


I am wearing an Acne shearling jacket, vintage blouse, Current/Elliot jeans, Thakoon boots, a Luella clutch and Fashionology necklaces.