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Adventures in Asia


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Where to start after such a long and very much needed silence on my part? The final part of 2013 was like a wave that crashed over me, pulling me under and it's taken me the past month to reach the surface again. I was feeling so immensely drained emotionally, physically and creatively that I had to give this beloved blog of mine a rest. Posting was feeling like a chore that I was frantically trying to do and this fact alone was causing far too much stress. This past year has been a rollercoaster and I hate Six Flags. With more ups and downs than I have ever been faced with I really needed the last month to shut off and completely focus on my wellbeing. 2014 could not have started off more perfectly though with a trip to Thailand and Cambodia. I landed in Bangkok a few days ago and spent the first five days by the beaches of Krabi and Koh Samui with my entire family with my journey continuing to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap tomorrow with my father and stepmother. My neglected camera has already been throwing angry glares my way but I'll be documenting my month long trip, which will hopefully help you disregard the commencing January's blues. Lots of love from Bangkok!

The Master of Illusions


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Playing with proportions, preferrably oversized meets skinny jeans, has almost tuned into a full-time occupation. Conveying the illusion of a never-ending pregnancy is equally fun, particularly when walking around Prenzlauer Berg, where the oversized top guarantees social inclusion. P'Berg or "pregnancy hill" has managed to sell an equally false illusion as oversized tops have, of supposedly featuring the highest birth-rate in all of Europe. I still can't fathom the irony (Germany and pregnancy have not been compatible for decades) and how such a myth was able to transform into a full-blown and completely accepted story. P'Berg has established itelf as Berlin's mecca for young families that prefer buying wooden toys and vegan ice cream for their children. 

Here you can also see me cluelessly holding a spray can, seemingly performing acts of vandalism in style. No need to call the police, it ain't real.

I am wearing a top from Thailand, J-Brand jeans, Ash wedges and a Moxham bracelet.

Of Parrots and Cherries


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Colour bomb ahoi.

I know it's a little cruel to upload photos of Thailand inspired accessories surrounded by coral from the Maledives but what feels like the longest month of the year is almost over and we are crawling towards spring. Currently through slush. Superhero stylist Caroline Issa collaborated with L.K. Bennett and created a jucy collection that at least mentally whisks me away to Thailand's sandy, white beaches. I pounced on these two candy coloured specimens in London. The perfect colour punch for what will be a very white spring. I'm already thinking of wide, billowing trouers and a white leather jacket. Dapper.

Now I want coconut water.

Caroline Issa x L.K. Bennett parrot shoes and cherry clutch.

Poppins Pants


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I finally managed to get hold of a temporary camera replacement until my lens returns. It seems to be far more damaged than I thought since it's been in the repair shop for almost two weeks now!

Anyways, to far more pressing things. Why this outfit works for me: my 2€ pant/skirt/dropcrotch-contraption from Thailand coupled with a hippie jacket, a t-shirt that looks as if it has been infested by months, rounded off with two totally classic and sleek pieces, the tassel loafers and my oversized, orange wallet that is large enough to pass as a clutch but completely fails in that department. My pant-contraption is almost like Mary Poppins' bag. The amount of stuff that fits into them without appearing bulky is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Wow that was a nightmare to type. 

I am wearing a second hand Étoile Isabel Marant jacket, an Iro t-shirt, a trouser-thingy from Thailand, loafers by Alexander Wang and a  Hermès  wallet.


Ich habe endlich eine zweite Kamera finden können die ich benutzen kann bis mein armes Objektiv endlich wieder da ist. Anscheinend ist es mehr beschädigt, als ich anfangs vermutet habe, da es schon seit fast zwei Wochen in der Reparatur ist!
Zurück aber zu weit wichtigeren Sachen. Warum dieses Outfit in meinen Augen so wunderbar funktioniert: Mein 2€ Hosen/Rock/Wasweisich-Teil aus Thailand getragen mit einer Hippiejacke und einem T-Shirt, welches aussieht, als ob es von Motten befallen wurde. Abgerundet wird das ganze Penner-Ensemble durch zwei sehr klassische Teile: Meine Quasten-Loafer und mein orangefarbenes Riesenportemonnaie. Diese Hosen sind eine moderne Version von Mary Poppins' Doktortasche. Da passt so unfassbar viel Zeug rein, ohne dass ich aussehe, als ob ich irgendein Kiosk geplündert habe.
Ich trage eine second hand Étoile Isabel Marant Jacke, ein Iro T-ShirtHosen-Ding aus Thailand, Loafer von Alexander Wang und ein Hermès Portemonnaie.