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Grandma Approved


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Grandma approved ghetto bling paired with a grandma approved floral print blazer. This outfit takes me down memory lane where, you guessed it, my grandma used to stuff me into various maxi floral print dresses coupled with a matching backpack in the same horrific print, Mary Janes and a pair of white, wooly tights (see awkward looking child on the left). I think it was more a desperate attempt at trying to make me look cute because my bowl cut and World War III tooth situation probably a) rather created confusion about my gender and b) made me look as if I escaped from one of those disturbing family home videos. The fact that my parents now state that it was "popular back then" makes me question whether I should have ever started liking the glorious decade of Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys and rollerblade birthday parties also known as the 90s, or just started hating my sister for looking cute back then and still looking cute now. But then again, it is all mostly thanks to Mr. Wang that the 90s became aesthetically acceptable again and Celine and Stella did take the whole traumatising aspect out of flower prints for me...

I am wearing a Zara blazer, a Stussy t-shirt, an Anton Heunis necklace, Zara jeans, Isabel Marant trainers and a Givenchy bag.

P.S. I'm off to Scotland tomorrow until Sunday evening so see you there!

Muddy Waters


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Right after this photo was taken I was already beginning to suffer from the onset of a heatstroke. I was asked to take two photos of two winter outfits and state what this winter's "must have" (remember my fall post?) is for a Guatemalan print magazine. This may sound ignorant but I had no idea that a winter wardrobe would ever be necessary in Guatemala. I immediately wrote down "oversized shearling jacket" and this is the "no fuss outfit" that I put together. I can't wait to actually wear this once it is cold enough. There's no better feeling than being able to wrap yourself up in a toasty jacket that would probably save you from a Siberian winter, except of course when it is in fact a 33 degree day in the middle of August. Thanks Acne, you rock.

I am wearing an Acne jacket, Stussy jumper, Denim & Supply jeans and Isabel Marant pumps.

P.S. I don't like my face right now but I'll try looking into the camera and actually smiling more often.

Rave New World


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I don‘t read fashion magazines. Occasionally I grab a copy of The Gentlewoman or Interview Magazine because, unlike withVogue, I don‘t have to flip through 600 pages of Gucci advertisements to find a decent article.

When I came across this image from Vogue UK‘s editorial „Rave New World“ it sparked off a firework of ideas in my mass-media saturated mind. When it‘s become the norm to click through this digital, endless ocean of information and images known as the internet within seconds, it is almost a cause for celebration when you stumble across something that sends your emotions and imagination into hyperdrive.

I may have even peed my pants a little.

The styling is incredible, and when I mean incredible, I mean that I couldn‘t stop thinking of it for over a month now and counting. Of course I had to make an attempt at this completely inappropriate beach ensemble myself and take it to the streets of Berlin sans tropical background and effortless posing. That is where these glorious, havoc wreaking boots of pain come in, worn with a pair of sexy socks for my own protection because I‘m a wimp when it comes to blisters and, voilá!

I am wearing a Stussy jumper, H&M trousers and Balenciaga boots.