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Winter Florals


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                                                                                   Photos by Lea

I was born in February, one of the coldest, snowiest months of the year and to this day I remain an avid fan of winter and the peaceful atmosphere that goes along with it. Berlin has silently been blanketed under layers of snow for several days now, muffling footsteps and lending an air of mistery to each evening. Although, like every other person, I am longing for warmer temperatures, I still intend on enjoying the beauty that winter has to offer before it disappears for another 9 months (official, seasonal reference here). I feel far more in my element, buried under colourful layers, throwing some architectural cuts into the mix and floating on oreo cookie boots, accentuated by sickeningly picturesque, swirling snowflakes.

I am wearing an H&M x Stine Riis coat and an H&M Trend jumper, Sportmax trousers, Stella McCartney boots and a 3.1 Phillip Lim bag.




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The perfect background for these trousers don't you think? The camoflouge effect makes me invisible to Hamish when we're out walking and he thinks I'm a plant. Clearly Europe wasn't ready for spring since there seems to have been continental wide temperature drop so I'm back to wearing my coat. This specific one. Again. It has pretty much made my extensive coat collection obsolete. I'm not complaining about the chillier weather though, I always end up missing layers in summer. As you know, I don't do simple.

These Alexander Wang loafers have become a wardrobe saviour as well. I have been combining them with almost all of my suit trousers. Click here for more, such as his amazing Nadia sandals that I would love to buy imemdiately or to grab yourself a pair of loafers yourself.

I am wearing a Carven coat, Nowhere jumper, Sportmax trousers, Alexander Wang loafers and an American Apparel clutch.



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Photos by Leni, edited by me.

These trousers have the most incredible flower pattern and are tailored to perfection. I wanted to give the photos a very pure, bright effect since that is what this outfit reflects for me with the snow white angora knit, the crystal necklace and my favourite silver cardigan. Of course I had to include the obligatory bright colour punch that I love to throw in. What do you think?

I am wearing an H&M cardigan and angora knit, Sportmax trousers, Alexander Wang loafers, Celine bag, Kelly Framel necklace and Fashionology rings.


Angry Muffins


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I am currently lying on the couch with my hot water bottle and painkillers looking anything but glamorous although I have to say, my Topshop pyjamas are pretty rad. I swear, if I'm still sick tomorrow I'm going to officially go crazy. It's been almost a week now! If I physically could and if the weather permitted, I would love to be wearing this today. Just like the rest of the world, I have fallen completely head over heels in love with flower prints in all colour concoctions. I got these trousers a while ago that I can't wait to wear soon combined with a beautiful pair of heels, a leather jacket and bright accessories.

The chair is wearing an H&M mohair jumper, Sportmax trousers, Givenchy heels, a Celine clutch and a Kelly Framel necklace.

Happy Friday the 13th, I hope it's been a lucky day for you!