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Husband Sleeves


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The way the term "boyfriend" is utilised when it comes to fashion made me realise something the other day. "Boyfriend shirt", "boyfriend jeans"...husband is just not sexy enough. It implies older age, a saggy butt, a muffin-top and all those other wonderfully cliché things that accompany a marriage. Well I'd like to introduce you to my husband sleeves (sans listed clichés): magnificently stiff and oversized (no pun intended. Seriously.), they make my traditional work outfits just that little bit more interesting. And yes, they come with the extra commitment than the boyfriend sleeves do. The small addition of disheveled, pure white peeking out from underneath my purring Topshop jumper is just not achieved with any of my own blouses.

I am wearing a Missoni coat, a Topshop jumper, Alasdair's shirt, Zara jeans and the 3.1 Phillip Lim clutch that you will be seeing way too much of.