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Rich Hues


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Wow, what a week. I can only say, thank freaking God it's Friday! I have been dying for a relaxing weekend since Monday. It's been an insanely busy week.

Apart from this vest, I am also currently obsessed with red lipstick, deep yellow (a colour my mom referred to when the policeman asked her if she had realised that she just went through a red light) and bordeaux (the colour and especially the wine). Berlin is so beautiful during fall!

I am wearing a Marni vest, Zara blouse, H&MxLanvin blazer, Acne leather trousers and Prada brogues.

Driving in Cars with No Boys


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This is a typical work outfit of mine: tailored trousers (preferrably with a print that suggests I may be doodling on my clothes during my lunch break), a jumper (preferrably fuzzy and extra soft), an oversized but tailored coat, a pair of pumps (preferrably with a contrasting print) and a small bag that I can throw over my shoulder while I hop on my bike.

Lea has been meeting me during my lunch breaks to take photos so that I can also show you those ensembles I'm often unable to post because it's too dark when I step outside the office. Whenever I wear these trousers I always think of Driving in Cars with Boys, except that there are no boys, just lots of vintage cars and wasp waisted women that clearly have a penchant for shopping.

I decided to inappropriately plant my behind, although only very slightly (so maybe one cheek was resting on it) on this green vintage beauty. It was all for the sake of thematic effect; there are vintage cars on my trousers for God's sake!

I am wearing a Missoni coat, an H&M jumper, Prada trousers, Isabel Marant pumps and an Alexander Wang bag. Look At Me


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Dont' be scared away by my giant red face in this video. Today we're goint to take a small break from wedding photos and go back to the roots of this blog, fashion! A while ago Leni from came to our flat to shoot an episode of the Look At Me series with me. I threw some of my favourite items together, including tons of Fashionology jewellery, to create a pastel look that I would love to wear during the upcoming fashion week. Hamish clearly thought we were going somewhere exciting afterwards, too bad it was just to the living room. Yes yes, I'm wearing too much rouge and my hair looks stupid but what the hell, I had no time for touch ups! We filmed this right after I returned home from work to catch the waning light. Thank you Leni, I love the video!

I am wearing a jacket from Merchant Archive, a blouse from Thailand, a collar from eBay, Prada trousers, Carin Wester wedges, a Proenza Shouler bag and lots of Fashionology jewellery.

What do you think? If you want to read their short summary of me and my blog, click here.

Leopard in the Jungle


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A super quick post of today's outfit. It's pretty much perfect for me. Clashing but simultaneously completementary patterns and the fact that it makes me feel like Marlene Dietrich mean I wish I could wear it everyday, forever, and it would be totally appropriate. These Alexander Wang loafers have also become a classic wardrobe saviour. I have been combining them with all my suit trousers. If I could, I would immediately buy his Nadia sandals.

This week is going to be incredibly hectic for me. Deadlines at work coupled with frantic, last minute wedding tasks that need to be completed won't allow me to update everyday so just bear with me. We'll be driving down to the Rheingau this weekend to prepare for the wedding. God I can't believe it's actually happening now. I am so excited!

I am wearing a vintage blazer, Acne blouse, H&M trousers, Prada brogues and a Celine bag.

P.S. I'm so sorry I haven't been able to comment back. I have no time right now for anything really but I will catch up on that when things have quieted down! Thank you for your feedback and thoughts, it makes my day!

High and Mighty


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Hello Creators of Desire readers! I'm Sophia and I have just joined this amazing blogger pact. I hope you look forward to reading my posts as much as I know I'll love writing them!

On a trip to the second hand store Cash I discovered my dream shoes, these Prada platform brogues, sitting there in a size 39. It was love at first sight. I wanted to combine them with a more sleek outfit and clean lines. I felt very businesslike :P. I think the angora knit and textured coat give it more dimension. My bright red bag was the perfect final touch.

Today I am flying to Budapest for my bachelorette party! I am wearing a Carven coat, H&M jumper, Zara trousers, Prada shoes, Celine bag and Kelly Framel necklace.