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A Berlin Sunday


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When three people meet who end up drinking three pots of tea, cooking together and talking like they have known each other for years, you know that the end result is only going to be something magical. Grit Siwonia is one of the most talented and warm hearted photographers I have ever had the honour of working with and with Amélie in front of the lens, who manages to make even an old pair of oversized dungarees look like they should be a firm wardrobe staple, this ended up being the most touching shoot I have ever been a part of. On arrival, Grit prepared porridge with dates and nuts and her very infectious laughter made us feel like three old friends just came together on a weekend afternoon in Grit's cozy Kreuzberg flat to cuddle with her cats and chat for hours when in fact a photo shoot had been planned for a few weeks already.

Here is the first set of photos. There's more to come! I kept the styling simple and oversized with some feminine touches to complement the setting and Amélie's striking look. Let me know what you think!

Photography: Grit Siwonia

Model: Amélie Baasner (Seeds)

Stylist: Sophia Schwan

New Age Punk


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A super quick update because Hamish ate my camera cable (hence why no new outfit post) and I'm also on the run. This was the hair and makeup done by the talented Jasmin Zelenko for another shoot I was working on today as a stylist with Jana Van de Boldt being the photograper. I'm really excited to show you the results soon! I hope you all had an amazing weekend!

Darkest Before the Dawn


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I know I've gone all biblical on you titlewise, but it seemed more than fitting. A few weekends ago I styled a small and very spontaneous shoot with Masha Sedgwick as the model, Jana Van de Boldt as the photographer and Michaela Möller as the hair and makeup artist. We kept it in tune with Masha's style and she was definitely forced to step outside her comfort zone a bit when I put the peplum belt around her waist. I was faced with a similar situation as this was the first time I styled such a dark series. What do you think?


Photos by Jana Van de Boldt

Model: Masha Sedgwick

Styling: Me

Hair and Makeup: Michaela Möller

Retouch: Martin Piechotta