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Redefining Joie de Vivre


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Looking at these photos of beautiful Paris while sick in bed with the flu is causing indescribable heartache. I have to plan a return trip as soon as possible, eat delicious pastries and several kilos of figs as well as have another crazy Moulin Rouge night that didn't end until far past the sun went up. Some trips are more magical than others and I can safely say I have definitely lost a small part of my heart to Paris. I kept my wardrobe simple, focusing on structured staples (including my new Whistles bag that is the perfect Céline replacement) since we spent hours exploring the city on foot. 

I am wearing a Whistles jumper and bag, an Anton Heunis necklace, Current/Elliot jeans and Alexander Wang loafers.

Paris Bound


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While you're reading this I'm overdosing on the traditional and unexplainable airplane cocktail of tomato juice and 3 packets of pepper ony my way to Paris together with Lea, both of us suffering from serious sleep deprivation. I'll be attending some shows, meeting some bloggers and work related individuals as well as stocking up on macarons and sun in the city of love. I happily regressed back to bygone days of Pippi Longstocking and climbing trees when wearing my farmer dungarees coupled with kawaii lemons and sparkly toes. See you in Paris!

I am wearing an Acne jacket (similar here), vintage dungarees (similar here), an It's Ok My Dear blouse and Miu Miu trainers.

Miniature Adventures


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The final Paris photos. This was the first time I had been to Paris since I was 14. We had such an amazing time and despite what I've heard, the Parisians were really lovely. The city is beautiful but super hectic, quite different from Berlin in that aspect. I loved the ambundance of delicious food and wine, the cleanlyness, everyone was so well dressed and the shopping is amazing! I'd love to go back and check out some vintage stores. Having a petit dejeuner every morning was perfect but the prices in Paris are everything but that. Everything is more than twice as expensive as in Berlin. A beer for 8€?! Are they insane?! It hurts me to pay more than 2.50€!

Also quite memorable, buying two eggs thinking they were cooked for our picninc and then cracking one of them over my knee. You can imagine how the rest of the story went. I don't think I've ever seen Alasdair laugh so hard. Drinking wine in the park and buying the worst cheese because we had no idea what was what, strolling down the streets at dusk, having a waiter feed Alasdair escargot (yes it happened!), spending about 3 hours running around trying to find a decent place to watch the tennis, going to the Louvre in the evening trying to sneak into a private party (it didn't work), chatting with an insanely smashed man who fell asleep behind his own bar after serving us plates of cheese...the list goes own. So many small adventures, I can't wait to go back!