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Tartan Army


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                                                                  Photos by Jana van de Boldt, edited by me

My love for Sotland meant that hopping on the tartan train was obviously going to happen and this Ganni coat is the perfect androgynous don't care blanket hybrid to throw on over pretty much anything. The more tartan the merrier, best incorporated as a scarf that has taken on a life of its own. The chance of an overdose is pretty much close to nil, which KTZ already demonstrated with its tartan army of models on the catwalk last year. All that is missing now is a pair of bagpipes for me to toot.

This pair of wool coated, neoprene drop-crotch pants by German label Rundholz remind of a forest gnome gone goth and are clearly on a whole other level of awesome. Gold accents, a mother of a hangover and this Moxham weapon of destruction hanging around my neck are the final touches to one of my first Fall outfits.

I am back in Berlin and have taken the shitty weather with me and am now getting some kind of plan together for my trip to Paris next week.

I am wearing a Ganni coat, an ASOS scarf, a Moxham necklace, a top by Tibi, trousers by Rundholz, Givenchy boots and a 3.1 Phillip Lim clutch.

The Master of Illusions


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Playing with proportions, preferrably oversized meets skinny jeans, has almost tuned into a full-time occupation. Conveying the illusion of a never-ending pregnancy is equally fun, particularly when walking around Prenzlauer Berg, where the oversized top guarantees social inclusion. P'Berg or "pregnancy hill" has managed to sell an equally false illusion as oversized tops have, of supposedly featuring the highest birth-rate in all of Europe. I still can't fathom the irony (Germany and pregnancy have not been compatible for decades) and how such a myth was able to transform into a full-blown and completely accepted story. P'Berg has established itelf as Berlin's mecca for young families that prefer buying wooden toys and vegan ice cream for their children. 

Here you can also see me cluelessly holding a spray can, seemingly performing acts of vandalism in style. No need to call the police, it ain't real.

I am wearing a top from Thailand, J-Brand jeans, Ash wedges and a Moxham bracelet.

Little Monsters


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Apologies, (again!) for having to take a small break. It's been a little crazy this past week.

I bought this beautiful kimono style jacket by the Berlin label MALAIKARAISS at the Journelles x Voo Store market two weekends ago (thanks to everyone that stopped by!), immediately pouncing on it after seeing the fabric and colour combination a mile away. Together with the much-loved Zara blouse, some Moxham hardcore bling and my timeless Céline sandals, this outfit has become a firm favourite and I'm not going to lie, I have worn it with only slight variations four times already. The psychadelic wall murals near my apartment are the perfect backdrop for my space suit.

I am wearing a MALAIKARAISS kimono, a Zara blouse, J-Brand jeans, Céline sandals and a Moxham bracelet

The Dependables


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                                                                               Photos by Lea, edited by me

After a series of bright ensembles during LFW, the soupy sky has caused me to return to burgundy, black and generally wintery colours. I might as well milk that until I bust out the neons for spring again. The weather has always been a very influential factor in throwing together my daily wear. When it gets too depressing, the brights get  toted about as a form of protest. This blouse is one of the oldest items in my closet. I've had it for six years and it still is one of those items that I depend on. It's been to the grungiest parties and the longest days at uni; we go way back. I think in a time of hyper-circulation when it comes to new items, it's important to retain certain pieces that are dependable and personally timeless, otherwise you end up losing your grip on reality. I remember a friend from Scotland who would purchase a completely new wardrobe every month at Primark. Insanity has no limits when it comes to shopping.

I am wearing a Carven coat, a Diana Orving blouse, a Moxham bracelet, My Pet Square leather trousers, All Saints boots and a DvF bag.

Woolen Tent


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                                                                                 Photos by Lea

Navy blue, heavy knits and leather are currently on heavy rotation, preferrably oversized (what a surprise). My hair is now back to its uncouth ways. I might sneak in a sleek little number on the off-chance I have an hour to blowdry it.

Now to more important things - the bouts of true depression that can result thanks to fashion. You can't imagine how my emotions went into hyperdrive after missing out on this tent coat on the day of the collection launch. When it appeared in the online store a week later, I immediately clicked it home and thought of all the forts I would be able to construct. I think I'm nearing the ability of wearing a different coat every day for month, which has led me to sensibly put myself on a self-imposed ban. With that in mind I will revel in the purchase of this perfection of a pea coat even more. With Christmas markets having sprouted like mushrooms across Berlin, my Christmas spirit is in full swing, fuelled by the swigs of Glühwein I'm having after work. 

Happy St. Nikolaus day!

I am wearing an H&M x MMM coat, an Acne jumper, a Moxham necklace, Mango leather trousers and Chloe boots.