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Feeding Frenzy


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Don't be intimidated by the influx of attractive women on my page, this is only temporary. Here are some of my first streetstyle snaps. The photographer feeding frenzy was most apparent in front of highbrow shows like Fendi. Like hawks they would keep a close eye on the Maseratis and cars with the telltale tinted windows. The procedure was the most hilarious thing to watch. If one photographer saw someone of importance first, they would adopt this brisk, stealthy, ninja-like walk in order to hopefully get the money-shot that the others would miss. Once the others caught on, the clicking, flashing, shouting and twirling would start and everyone would scramble to get that perfect shot. Of course I was usually last, sometimes getting lucky while trying to use those extra three Louboutin-given inches to squeeze my lens inbetween the sea of heads. You get so swept away by the atmosphere...I caught myself doing a fist pump towards Anouk after shooting Miroslava, while five minutes earlier, Anna Wintour had whizzed by me with her entourage of Avenger bodyguards causing me to frantically try to flip that ON switch on my camera in despair. I wasn't fast enough of course. You never have enough time to check your settings. Thankfully almost everyone wants to be photographed, some even coming up to you to request a picture.

There are still certain things that puzzle me. So please tell me:

  • In the land of pasta, red wine and paninis, how do you manage to keep your petite frames? Is it all just an elaborate hoax? If not, please share those tips or just that metabolism with me!
  • How do you Italian women manage to look so perfectly groomed? There is no cakey makeup, just dewy, beautiful skin and glossy, healthy and bouncy hair.

The thing is, they are also nice, approachable and even funny so you can't even fault them for that.

So, let me tell you what you're looking at:

  1. Why this bag is moving away from me I'm still not sure. I did make advances towards it, gave it the look, batted my lashes, but all to no avail.
  2. The first example of the influx of beautiful women on this page. Exhibit 1: Ivelina, author of Frichic, blogger extraordinaire and generally just the embodiment of awesome. Exhibit 2: Anna Stankova, Ash Jewelry designer, owner of the best pair of legs and a matching personality. Exibit 3: Anouk Bos, the fierce woman behind CofD and King Midas' wet dream.
  3. Exhibit 2: Ivelina
  4. Arriving at Frankie Morello.
  5. Exhibit 3: Unknown man with an obvious foot fetish, Anouk Bos and me, donning a moonface, the rolled up 3xlovehandles jumper, clickety click pumps and ungroomed hair. (Photo by The Styleograph)
  6. "Now where did I put those tampons."
  7. Ear porn, ear swag, ear party. Name it what you wish.
  8. Tweed perfection from Sandro that looks very much like the Math jacket that I am dying to own.
  9. Japanese babes.
  10. General, overwhelming beauty featuring an embarassing background of empty magazine boxes.
  11. I was stalking this guy trying to shoot this jacket and the closer I got, the faster he moved away. Still trying to figure out if that was coincidence or not.
  12. She needs no fu*king introduction. Pardon my French.

Liftoff: Milan Fashion Week


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This week's posting rate can only be likened only to something of a snail, I know, and I apologise for that. Milan Fashion Week could not be any more here and I have been preparing for my trip, which is all thanks to,  that is beginning at promptly 6 PM today. I will only be wobbling about Milan for a day and half to be precise and have concocted, (I say concocted because they are somewhat of a questionable potion) three rather colourful, gender-confusing and very-me outfits to present myself in. To tide you over to Sunday, when things will really start to get interesting, are some Instagram snaps of Scotland, babies that are in fact shoes, cupcakes and other things visually delicious. Instagram is something akin to Superman, his digital version, helping you out in your time of need. So here I am, giddy as a little schoolgirl with my camera fully charged and my opverpacked suitcase ready to be schlepped up numerous stairways on my to the airport and hotel (I will be staying at the Hotel Felice Casati).

Anouk, the organisational mastermind that she is, has already sent me a page-long schedule, the hightlights of this being the Frankie Morello and Philipp Plein shows and afterparties that I am sure I will look perfectly out of place in. I will be Instagramming, Tweeting and Facebooking the hell out of MFW so make sure to check up on my Italian circus updates. It will almost be like I packed you into my suitcase and brought you with me. 

Ciao and see you in Milano!