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GDR's Pillars


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Camped out (figuratively speaking) at the international beer festival in Friedrichshain this weekend with Alasdair and some friends. I always head straight to the Scottish stand to have my favourite ales that take me right back to my university.

Friedrichshain features mostly communist architecture, something I can only take in small doses. Karl-Marx-Allee is by far lined with the most impressive buildings and was intended to pave the way for the rest of the GDR but since they ran out of money pretty quickly, the rest look like gloomy, eastern European apartment blocks out of Paris' outskirts. I always love this feeling like I'm travelling back in time. I think you either love or hate "Plattenbauten" (these communist apartment buildings). I'm still emotionally stuck somewhere in the middle.

Since the giant pillars on Karl-Marx-Allee cast the most amazing shadows it was the perfect backdrop to my questionable hobo look. This giant pair of Levi's was a vintage find from the US a few years back. I wore them with my most loved and busted up shoes, a slouchy tank and this bag/backpack thing.

I am wearing a Margaux Lonnberg tank, vintage Levi's, a Fashionology necklace, very old Alexander Wang boots and a Mata Hari bag.



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One of my latest favourite outfits. The 90s are slowly becoming a fixture in my wardrobe choices. Backpacks, Doc Martens and denim shirts just feel very right, especially when mixed with an aztec print poncho that I bought around this time last year and various hues of blue.

I am wearing an Asos poncho, Jewel & Wool scarf, vintage denim shirt, Acne jeans, Mata Hari backpack and Doc Martens boots.