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An Attempt at Lady-Like


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                                                                                 Photos by Lea

When it comes to beauty products and grooming I am completely inept. I can't braid, can barely blowdry (of which the tragic results are pictured above), am unable to paint my nails without looking like I've shoved my fingers into a box of playdough, and when I try creating the alluring smokey eye it looks more as if I ran into a door knob on my way out.

These gloves provide that image of perfectly manicured nails and general-ladylike appearance that I am completely incapable of maintaining when left to my own devices. Coupled with a dainty, regal coloured clutch and a vintage coat that reminds of Ulyana Sergeenko's creations and German hunters with twirly moustaches, I think I have successfully hit the nail on the head in terms of lady-like meets personal weirdness.

I am wearing a vintage coat, a Marni vest, an H&M jacket, Alasdair's shirt underneath, Current/Elliot jeans, YSL boots and a Charlotte Olympia clutch and gloves.

Rich Hues


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Wow, what a week. I can only say, thank freaking God it's Friday! I have been dying for a relaxing weekend since Monday. It's been an insanely busy week.

Apart from this vest, I am also currently obsessed with red lipstick, deep yellow (a colour my mom referred to when the policeman asked her if she had realised that she just went through a red light) and bordeaux (the colour and especially the wine). Berlin is so beautiful during fall!

I am wearing a Marni vest, Zara blouse, H&MxLanvin blazer, Acne leather trousers and Prada brogues.

Flexing My Layering Muscles


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How has your weekend been so far? Mine has consisted of making home-made pizza, carving pumpkins, drinking too much wine and watching scary movies. Pretty much a recipe for awesomeness.

This vest is still in heavy rotation, perfect for throwing over those all black outfits such as this one. Red and yellow in combination always make me think of Lego, crayons and kindergarten. Since this miniature handbag is the epitome of cuteness, it seemed only too fitting to add something yellow into the mix and to use the handbag strap as a bracelet. 

Fall lets me flex my layering muscles and I like to go with the bulkier the better. Pile on those fabrics! The standard coat sleeve doesn't really support this philosphy so it's touché; I force them to become part of the fabric pile. You can imagine me looking quite sheepish when I say two degrade Alexander Wang jumper dresses are always better than one. Here is number two, bought for a ridiculously low price on the Outnet a while back.

I am wearing a Carven coat, a Marni vest, a Moxham necklace, an Alexander Wang dress, Acne leather trousers, Trippen shoes and a Celine bag.



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Apologies for my short absence but I was ill. I'm finally back on my feet (even though I'm still looking a bit shit pale), just in time to enjoy this unbelievable 20 degree Sunday weather.

I was always terrible at Math, in particular geometry, but Marni has me reconsidering my distaste for mathematics. I have been wearing this vest for one week straight and my favourite combination is with these haute track pants and a pair of classic black pumps.

No makeup except red lipstick has also been my only war paint.

I am wearing a Marni vest, a jumper from Pixie Market, Elizabeth and James trousers, Zara pumps and an Issey Miyake bag.

Berry Hues


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I have completely fallen for berry hues and rich prints, most likely being prompted by the brilliant colour spectrum that's befallen the trees in Berlin. These photos that Jana took capture autumn's melancholic beauty so well. Fall always makes me want to get lost in my own thoughts, bury my nose in fantasy books and cuddle up under the covers with Hamish and Alasdair. It's by far my favourite season of the year. Combining my favourite quilted top with a puffy, gauzy blouse and this geometric-print vest was something I've been meaning to try for ages. 

I am wearing a Topshop top, Fleamadonna blouse, Marni vest, Current/Elliot jeans, Alexander Wang loafers and a Christopher Kane clutch.