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Capitalistic Tendencies


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The most appropriate attire for May Day don't you think? We'll see what happens when I parade Dollar print Bermuda shorts and a Wall Street-esque shirt down Berlin's riot filled streets. Maybe one day it will be women with sidecuts laying down the law at the stock market. Most likely in the most awesome, parallel universe. 

I am wearing an H&M x MMM men's shirt, Acne Bermuda shorts and Céline pumps.

Doe Eyed


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I took my snow white beauties (a Christmas present from Alasdair) for their first spin today in the golden winter sun, fusing them with Joanna Pybus' 1960s, pop culture inspired top. My favourite oversized coat and this pair of leather skinnies, that have basically become an extension of my skin, give it a touch of comfort and warmth, much needed in 0° temperatures. Apologies for having gone under the radar, I've been spending some much needed quality time with my family. How was your Christmas and how is your post-Christmas tummy doing?

I am wearing an H&M x MMM coat, a Joanna Pybus top, an H&M Trend shirt underneath, Acne leather skinnies and Celine pumps.

Lilac Architecture


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                                                       Photos by Christian from The Styleograph, edited by me.

This is me on Sunday roaming about Prenzlauer Berg with previous night's party hair, 5 hours of sleep and Christian from The Styleograph, wearing lilac minimalism and sleek lines. The whole dandy style has taken over and it's currently hard to get me out of a pair of brogues and suit trousers. The Celine purse only causes me to delve further into my Marlene Dietrich style obsession. It fits so perfectly with outfits a la Chloé.

I am wearing a Stine Riis x H&M coat, MMM x H&M jumper, Cos trousers, unknown brogues and a Celine bag.

Snakeskin Socks


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My love for all things weird and wonderful in the world of fashion runs very deep. When the iconic shape of this Maison Martin Margiela boot was released in mesh with a perspex heel, I almost lost all my senses, regained them a week later though and decided it wasn't the perfect purchase. So I waited. After a few months I spotted these, featuring paper-thin, but durable burgundy leather and a covered perspex heel. The fact that they remind me of socks (or something akin to a second skin) and are semi-opaque only makes me love them even more.

I won't be surprised if these resonate with maybe only 10% of you. In fact, I'm expecting for almost everyone to hate them but let me know either way what you think, I'm curious :D. In order to present them in all their sock-like glory, I will be styling them with an all-black outfit, maybe even toting them around the Journelles party I will be heading to this evening.

Shoes by Maison Martin Margiela



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Despite what I have written about the collaboration, I am still going to enjoy my H&M x Maison Martin Margiela pieces for years to come but with the appreciation that they deserve. It feels more like I have purchased something from Margiela's archive than from H&M to be honest.

Instead of waiting in line, I popped into the men's store to have a browse and came upon what I think is the most beautiful piece in the whole collection: this coat featuring an inverted collar. Together with the tie print-shirt, which I left slightly unbottened and siren-red lips, it's the perfect combo à la dandy style. I managed to purchase some pieces from the women's collection in-store and online afterwards, but more of that tomorrow!

I am wearing an H&M x MMM men's coat and shirt, Current/Elliot jeans, second hand Prada brogues and a Celine bag.