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The Girlfriend Jeans


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The thought of having to buy a pair of jeans already causes a slight panicky feeling to well up inside me. What brand, what cut and, most importantly, will these last longer than the magical 9 months, after which most of my jeans decide to give up on me?

At exactly this point, the whole ordeal begins again, spending four hours hunting down that pair that does not seem to actually exist, being increasingly confused upon entering Zara’s changing rooms and finding out I am everything in between a size 36 and a 42 (!). In addition to looking into the fluorescent, over-lit mirror, seeing dimples in my legs I never knew I had, I end up leaving completely deflated (and feeling very much a size 694687). The point of the story is, I hate shopping for jeans and finding that perfect pair for under a ridiculous 200 € seems almost impossible.

This is where Lois Denim comes in. If you’ve never heard of Lois, let me give you a little bit of background: They are a Spanish, and Europe’s first, denim brand, with their headquarters located in the Netherlands. Established in 1962they’ve clearly had enough time to unravel the cursed mystery that is denim.

We’ve all heard of (and probably own) a pair of boyfriend jeans. So what about a pair of girlfriend jeans? Did your eyebrows just go up a millimetre? They probably did yesterday as well when I threw the term "husband sleeves" out there. Such a denim specimen exists and I’m wearing it above. Goodbye flat ass, hello perfectly, slightly baggy cut and tapered legs.  How has no one tapped into this niche yet?! This cut gives me that slight androgynous look but doesn’t drown or unflatteringly enhance my curves, which often happens if they are too baggy or too short on the bottom (i.e. Current/Elliot’s stiletto cut).

I am wearing an Isabel Marant Étoile jacket, a Margaux Lonnberg t-shirt, Lois girlfriend jeans c/o Lois Denim, Balenciaga boots, and a Phillip Lim 3.1 clutch.