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Digital Strokes


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Sale season is a time of jagged, chewed-on nails, headaches and salty tears rounded off with a strong emotional cocktail of relief, anger and joy. Do I need to remind anyone of the Outnet's 1£ sale and the death threats that ensued? You have already seen my crowning sale aquisition in my previous post and although my wallet is far away from my longing grasp for safety reasons, financial and physical ones, it doesn't stop me from oogling and browsing. Excessively.

From digitally stroking the blue collar on that Carven jacket or adjusting that faultless Preen medley of orange and blue lace prior to imagining that Rubik's cube jumper together with an A-line leather skirt – my digital shopping cart has reached an astronomical value that of course will never materialise. So I'll go now and empty it for the millionth time and pass the staff of financial ruin to you. 

From top left to right:

Modern Wham!


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Apologies for me technologically dropping off the face of the earth; my computer decided to go on strike the last few days. I'm still in burgundy, black and indigo colour-mode, something this silkara parka I recently purchased has managed to flawlessly combine. Lea thinks it's an unbecoming mix of 80s and outdoor wear, two aspects that immediately cause for Wham's Last Christmas music video to spring to mind. Whoops.

I decided to offset these winter colours with some splashes of white, integrating aspects of my summer wardrobe. There's no need for these sandals to disappear until May.

I am wearing a Mary Ping parka, an H&M cardigan, a Toga Archive dress, 3.1 Phillip Lim sandals and an Alexander Wang bag.

P.S. Don't ask about my stupid facial expression (see last photo). For the last month I've been waking up an hour earlier each day so that I can actually take some photos in daylight.