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Liftoff: Milan Fashion Week


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This week's posting rate can only be likened only to something of a snail, I know, and I apologise for that. Milan Fashion Week could not be any more here and I have been preparing for my trip, which is all thanks to,  that is beginning at promptly 6 PM today. I will only be wobbling about Milan for a day and half to be precise and have concocted, (I say concocted because they are somewhat of a questionable potion) three rather colourful, gender-confusing and very-me outfits to present myself in. To tide you over to Sunday, when things will really start to get interesting, are some Instagram snaps of Scotland, babies that are in fact shoes, cupcakes and other things visually delicious. Instagram is something akin to Superman, his digital version, helping you out in your time of need. So here I am, giddy as a little schoolgirl with my camera fully charged and my opverpacked suitcase ready to be schlepped up numerous stairways on my to the airport and hotel (I will be staying at the Hotel Felice Casati).

Anouk, the organisational mastermind that she is, has already sent me a page-long schedule, the hightlights of this being the Frankie Morello and Philipp Plein shows and afterparties that I am sure I will look perfectly out of place in. I will be Instagramming, Tweeting and Facebooking the hell out of MFW so make sure to check up on my Italian circus updates. It will almost be like I packed you into my suitcase and brought you with me. 

Ciao and see you in Milano!



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Apologies for the four day silence but unfortunately my lens is still in the repair shop. Three things I can't live without: my laptop, my phone and my camera and one of my three lifelines is not usable! Instagram has been quite the lifesaver in my time of need. What you see:

1. I spent the weekend in Frankfurt and this was the view from my friend's room.

2. Last weekend's Sunday breakfast.

3. My little Hamish playing in the park.

4. My new and extremely amazing Jeremy Scott for Adidas top from the men's collection.

5. Yesterday just before I left Frankfurt to drive back to Berlin. My essentials on the bed: car keys, my wallet, my glasses and my house keys.

6. Me with my favourite, studded camo vest, my J'aime Marant tee and an Anton Heunis necklace.

7. What I wore on Saturday. I am still so in love with sporty luxe dressing.

8. Where I often go for a walk after work.

9. Details from an outfit favourite from a while ago.

10. Delicious frozen yoghurt with fruit from Efa's.

11. Trusted favourites: Sam Edelman leopard boots.

12. Lots of gold and silver ribbons on Mulackstraße.

12 Grams


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Can mother nature please make up her mind? Does she want summer? Fall?! It is raining in Berlin and the weather is making me miserable so here are some instagram photos taking recently, including two from Paris. It is such a an amazing tool, letting me capture those beautiful moments that you are unprepared for. I have no idea how I managed to live without it all these years.


Kann die Natur sich mal endlich für eine Jahreszeit entscheiden? Soll es jetzt Sommer oder Herbst sein?! Ich bin jedenfalls durcheinander. Es ist kalt und regnerisch und ich werde langsam stinkig. Daher ist es wohl Zeit auch mal die schönen, unvorbereiteten Momente die ich per Instagram festgehalten habe zu präsentieren, inklusive zwei Fotos von Paris. Wie ich mich bis jetzt ohne Instagram durch's Leben geschlagen habe bleibt mir weiterhin ein Rätsel.