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Denim on Denim with a Slice of Lemon


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Some trailor park white trash vibes to get you started into the weekend just right: denim on denim with a slice of lemon. Ain't nobody got time for outfits that don't mean business. I didn't even have to travel to Marzahn to find my new miniature blue home, lovingly sprayed with graffiti. Schöneberg clearly has its own little piece of ghetto. I am off to the Blogger and Designer Market where I'll be selling some ghettoesque attire to make you blend into Schöneberg's trashier side just as well. Comy by!

I'm wearing a vintage denim jacket, an It's Ok My Dear blouse, J-Brand jeans and Givenchy boots.



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I wasn't lying when I said that I joined the army. I switched over to the French from the Tartan one though, in preparation for my trip to Paris on Tuesday and my uniform was provided by the English. Napoleon would most certainly approve of my Balmain inspired get-up and my sneaky behaviour. I stomped around Berlin in this while preparing things for my next styling job on Monday, testing out this vintage gendarmerie coat.

My next packing nightmare is quickly approaching and my suitcase is still lying, unpacked in my bedroom since Tuesday evening. Lea has been observing my packing disasters, noting that I  go shopping wherever I am going resulting in me only actually wearing 30% of what I originally packed. But what can you do when you buy the perfect coat at Paper London? More on that tomorrow.

I am wearing a vintage jacket, Balmain leather trousers (unfortunately not available on THE OUTNET anymore), Givenchy boots and Maria Francesca Pepe ear cuffs and ring.

Tartan Army


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                                                                  Photos by Jana van de Boldt, edited by me

My love for Sotland meant that hopping on the tartan train was obviously going to happen and this Ganni coat is the perfect androgynous don't care blanket hybrid to throw on over pretty much anything. The more tartan the merrier, best incorporated as a scarf that has taken on a life of its own. The chance of an overdose is pretty much close to nil, which KTZ already demonstrated with its tartan army of models on the catwalk last year. All that is missing now is a pair of bagpipes for me to toot.

This pair of wool coated, neoprene drop-crotch pants by German label Rundholz remind of a forest gnome gone goth and are clearly on a whole other level of awesome. Gold accents, a mother of a hangover and this Moxham weapon of destruction hanging around my neck are the final touches to one of my first Fall outfits.

I am back in Berlin and have taken the shitty weather with me and am now getting some kind of plan together for my trip to Paris next week.

I am wearing a Ganni coat, an ASOS scarf, a Moxham necklace, a top by Tibi, trousers by Rundholz, Givenchy boots and a 3.1 Phillip Lim clutch.

Conversation Starter


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The most conversation-starter-friendly cap known to man and the perfect item to run around New York City with. No need to talk, just let your clothes do that for you. I'm now in Boston until Saturday visiting my sister and will be eating buttermilk pancakes in around 5 minutes. I'll leave you with my last impressions of the big bad apple, fully in bloom.

I am wearing a customised vintage Wrangler denim jacket, a Tribe Called Quest jumper, Current/Elliot jeans, Chloé boots, a Givenchy bag and a cap from the Hat Shop in Soho.


Camel Business


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                                                                                   Photos by Lea

Camel coats mean business, briefcases, flagging down taxis and having important lunch dates, none of which actually fit with anything I do but the illusion is rewarding nonetheless.

Also, whenever I think of camel I think of toe. In fact, Alasdair knows of a girl who has camel tattooed on both of her large toes. However amusing that is, I'd rather stick with the business imagery.

Blistering, billowing winds and lots of rain have been the weather situation for the last week so wrapping up in my men's camel coat is the reality and the illusion of business lunches is yet to materialise.

I am wearing an H&M x MMM men's coat, a Hope jumper, Current/Elliot jeans, Isabel Marant boots and a Givenchy bag.