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Paint Splatters


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Running around with this jacket on purely because you love it makes no sense when it is almost 30 degrees outside. Yes, you heard correctly, it is almost 30 degrees in Berlin and I am wearing a heavy denim jacket and indigo jeans. Who said global warming doesn't exist? Soon there will be palm tries lining the streets and they'll have to change the name Unter den Linden.

I want spring though and I'm going to have it at least wardrobe wise. I am a walking tropical drink right now. I can't get enough of obnoxious, bright colours, preferably pink. Trashy tie dye and faded denim, such a delicious concoction. The jacket, the bag and the paint splatter effect shoes on python leather were pretty much meant to be worn together.

I am wearing an Isabel Marant jacket, T-shirt from Thailand, Fossil jeans, Christian Louboutin pumps and a Celine bag.