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ODing on Femininity


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When life gives you lemons, pull your most holiday-esque heels out of the closet (hopefully featuring miniature Thai pom-poms) and put 'em on. At least those were my thoughts yesterday morning when I was getting dressed, aside from the fact that my juice detox has left me craving anything chewable and these L.K. Bennett x Caroline Issa Haribo coloured pumps look almost like a tropical fruit bowl. Yum.
Although we've only experienced one (very intense) day together, my nightmarish bicycle ride home, that ended with a slightly sprained ankle, has left me silently muttering to myself. Maybe I wasn't ready to OD on femininity. Maybe I should have continued my high-class lazying about in Isabel Marant‘s trainers. Pull on, walk out, look awesome. Fail-safe formula. No tip-toeing around Berlin‘s countless pavement cracks or continuously missing your bike-pedal.
My love for neon pom poms convinced me otherwise though, so on they went and down the stairs I wobbled with a sense of achievement. I‘m not going to lie, a pair of feminine heels personally sets off an inner transformation. I might go as close to saying its almost gender based, since 70% of the time I feel like boy with a sidecut, long blonde-locks and a penchant for colours and cuts that don't suit me, worn with pride of course. These Thai inspired beauties awake some sort of slumbering vixen (God I hate that word) for a few hours, which is most likely a sign that I suffer from a shoe-induced, split personality disorder. We'll see what my feet will be wearing tomorrow and who knows what I'll turn into.
I am wearing an Acne blouse, a Fashionology necklace, vintage shorts, L.K. Bennett x Caroline Issa pumps and a Cèline bag.

GDR's Pillars


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Camped out (figuratively speaking) at the international beer festival in Friedrichshain this weekend with Alasdair and some friends. I always head straight to the Scottish stand to have my favourite ales that take me right back to my university.

Friedrichshain features mostly communist architecture, something I can only take in small doses. Karl-Marx-Allee is by far lined with the most impressive buildings and was intended to pave the way for the rest of the GDR but since they ran out of money pretty quickly, the rest look like gloomy, eastern European apartment blocks out of Paris' outskirts. I always love this feeling like I'm travelling back in time. I think you either love or hate "Plattenbauten" (these communist apartment buildings). I'm still emotionally stuck somewhere in the middle.

Since the giant pillars on Karl-Marx-Allee cast the most amazing shadows it was the perfect backdrop to my questionable hobo look. This giant pair of Levi's was a vintage find from the US a few years back. I wore them with my most loved and busted up shoes, a slouchy tank and this bag/backpack thing.

I am wearing a Margaux Lonnberg tank, vintage Levi's, a Fashionology necklace, very old Alexander Wang boots and a Mata Hari bag. Look At Me


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Dont' be scared away by my giant red face in this video. Today we're goint to take a small break from wedding photos and go back to the roots of this blog, fashion! A while ago Leni from came to our flat to shoot an episode of the Look At Me series with me. I threw some of my favourite items together, including tons of Fashionology jewellery, to create a pastel look that I would love to wear during the upcoming fashion week. Hamish clearly thought we were going somewhere exciting afterwards, too bad it was just to the living room. Yes yes, I'm wearing too much rouge and my hair looks stupid but what the hell, I had no time for touch ups! We filmed this right after I returned home from work to catch the waning light. Thank you Leni, I love the video!

I am wearing a jacket from Merchant Archive, a blouse from Thailand, a collar from eBay, Prada trousers, Carin Wester wedges, a Proenza Shouler bag and lots of Fashionology jewellery.

What do you think? If you want to read their short summary of me and my blog, click here.

Luxe Grunge


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I visited the Dutch Art and Design Gallery today for work with Alasdair. I can't wait to show you the photos! It's such an amazing place, full of light hearted and witty designs that are so typically Dutch and always bring a smile to my face. The owners are from Groningen (my favourite city in the Netherlands) and moved to Berlin about a year ago.

On my way back to the office we passed these beautiful, forgotten letter boxes that were the perfect backdrop for my grungy jacket. Tie dyed perfection. I kept the rest of the look simple.

I am wearing an Isabel Marant jacket, Zara silk blouse, All Saints leather trousers, Fashionology necklace and Acne boots.