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Paris Bound


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While you're reading this I'm overdosing on the traditional and unexplainable airplane cocktail of tomato juice and 3 packets of pepper ony my way to Paris together with Lea, both of us suffering from serious sleep deprivation. I'll be attending some shows, meeting some bloggers and work related individuals as well as stocking up on macarons and sun in the city of love. I happily regressed back to bygone days of Pippi Longstocking and climbing trees when wearing my farmer dungarees coupled with kawaii lemons and sparkly toes. See you in Paris!

I am wearing an Acne jacket (similar here), vintage dungarees (similar here), an It's Ok My Dear blouse and Miu Miu trainers.



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I wasn't lying when I said that I joined the army. I switched over to the French from the Tartan one though, in preparation for my trip to Paris on Tuesday and my uniform was provided by the English. Napoleon would most certainly approve of my Balmain inspired get-up and my sneaky behaviour. I stomped around Berlin in this while preparing things for my next styling job on Monday, testing out this vintage gendarmerie coat.

My next packing nightmare is quickly approaching and my suitcase is still lying, unpacked in my bedroom since Tuesday evening. Lea has been observing my packing disasters, noting that I  go shopping wherever I am going resulting in me only actually wearing 30% of what I originally packed. But what can you do when you buy the perfect coat at Paper London? More on that tomorrow.

I am wearing a vintage jacket, Balmain leather trousers (unfortunately not available on THE OUTNET anymore), Givenchy boots and Maria Francesca Pepe ear cuffs and ring.

Daft Punk and Mermaids


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Sweaty, with two toothpaste stains and greasy hair because I overslept that morning - that was yesterday's fashion week look, while my camera and I were politely pushing past 6 foot women in stilettos. The tent and all its theatrical self-enactment is one number too big for me. Most of the time Fashion Week feels like overdosing on chocolate. "Zu viel des Guten" as we would say in German. I always remind myself of the fact that I am there to capture the moment, document the collections, meet some friends and then get the fuck out of there. To put it bluntly. As each season passes, I find myself leaving the tent, or rather the Chanel-perfumed sauna earlier, quickly squeezing past the barriers and going straight to Starbucks for my Java Chip Frappuccino. There is no point in standing in line for a sip of Jules Mumm.

I know this text is overflowing with irony and sarcasm and you have most likely heard it before but I really can't help but want to avoid the circus at all costs. It drains the magic out of the shows, which deserve far more attention than the prancing around outside or the thunderstorm of flashing cameras that make the whole runway light up like the 4th of July because everyone is suffering from front-row mania.

BUT to slightly more pressing matters: what a show. The DfT Award Show never disappoints and will always remain a personal highlight of mine. Jamie Wei Huang may not have won but her Daft-Punk-entourage of models that paraded down the catwalk with reflecting lampshades and 10-kilo-heavy encrusted garments did cause slight breathing problems. Iona Ciolacu's tennis-playing mermaid collection came out as a well-deserved winner and was my second favourite collection. I think I may have to go on a search for a perspex and raffia visor.

Waking Up The Artist


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Fashion Week has begun and my first stop was yesterday's Designer for Tomorrow fitting, which took place in the Urban Spree Gallery. I was really impressed by the five collections and the design diversity. I am always fascinated by what the ideas and inspirations, the heartbeat of the collections are, some being widely abstract and personal, while others are rooted in what is tangible and are a reflection of a concrete time.

Ultimately, art is self-expression and I am convinced that we all have an artist slumbering within us, yet only some are able to wake him or her up.

The modern vagabond that listens to David Bowie and Tom Waits is most certainly wearing Katy Clark’s deconstructed designs, made from fabric mixtures such as wool and flannel, originating straight from the heart of Glasgow. The models appeared to be floating in her draped, cut-out and oversized silhouettes, which formed the collection titled "Sunday Desperados".

My personal favourite was Jamie Wei Huang’s "Light Space" collection, which was heavily influenced by geometric forms, 3D and Op Art. Plastic, metal, silk, ceramic and glass were combined to create fabric sculptures weighing several kilos. The result was a little bit of 90s, Taiwan and a demure version of Princess Leia.

Hannah Kuklinski’s hardcore grandma knits reminded me of Alexander Wang’s wool and silk collection taken to the next level through the use of exaggerated forms and bacteria prints. Titled "Wenn Hände müde Hörnchen sehen", it becomes clear that randomness is most likely one of her most endearing personality traits, which is also humorously incorporated in her designs. How can you not love someone that states that her 2013 fashion piece would be selfknitted colourful socks.

Annalena Skörl Maul’s streetart-meets-grandma’s-crochet-knitting inspirations resulted in an innovative menswear collection titled "Be Boy" that has blown the traditional tailored suit out of proportion and reinvented it. Crochet bow ties and ties are combined with balloon-pant chinos. The man wearing these pieces is skateboarding to his advertising job on a crochet-skateboard listening to A Tribe Called Quest followed by Elton John's "Your Song". I’m not kidding.

Iona Ciolacu Miron "Paradox" collection was the most feminine one with very strong proportions, personally whisking me away into an underwater world where the skirts transformed the models into visor wearing mermaids. The scale-like dress and skirt-folds coupled with the sea-world and nature-inspired silk prints gave this collection a strong architectural and yet mythological touch.

The Somerset House Frenzy


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                                                                               Photos by Lea and I

I survived my first official day of London Fashion Week with bare legs, a packed Somerset House, an anthill of photographers, bloggers and God knows what else. The atmosphere here is amazing! I finally met part of the CofD team: Lene, Lian and Suzanne and finally saw Anouk again. We first met in Milan. I was also finally reunited again with Kelley and her lovely fiance Sean who both interviewed me for their wonderful blog Majestic Disorder.

My white Celine pumps were taken out properly for the first time ever and although there was more stumbling than walking initially, I ended up being able to tiptoe about in them quite well. Today I'm off to the Grazia/Matches event and to see the Topshop Unique show, which I'm sure will not fail to impress. There's so much more to tell so a more in depth recap will be appearing here soon!

I am wearing an Asos dress and belt (similar here), Celine pumps and wallet, an Anton Heunis necklace and a Max Mara Atelier coat.