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The Blanket


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                                                                           Photos by Lea (Dörrface)

From the poncho we move onto the blanket (or the most enormous scarf on this planet): a perfect cover-up alternative to the traditional coat. It has evoked some interesting responses from strangers, stating that I look so cuddly that they want to hug me or suggesting that I may be homeless. Please note, socks are an unnecessary addition to this outfit. Naked ankles and silk blouses are about as sexy as it gets at three degrees (or really ever with me).

I am wearing a scarf (big ? here) from Stefanel, an Equipment blouse, a Zara feather vest, a Moxham necklace, an irritating hairband that I forgot to take off, Current/Elliot jeans, Isabel Marant trainers and the 3.1 Philiip Lim clutch that you're probably getting sick of seeing (but I'm not).

Still Dreaming of Budapest


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Here are the final photos of Budapest. I miss my sister (last photo) and my friends so much already! The grand architecture of the city leaves you walking through the streets with your mouth wide open. We had a celebratory beer by the riverside where we watched the sun set and decided on our plans for the night. One thing is for sure, I am going back as soon as possible!