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Neighbourhood Musings


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As you can see I went furniture shopping. While the neighbourhood wolf (we clearly complement each other so well) was happily peeing on my new couch, I was contemplating how to get it back to the flat. After the Dachsund/Labrador mix came by and also decided to raise his leg I gave up on this fine mustard coloured specimen. While all this was going down I was chilling in this black and white combo with a dash of tartan, hoping my bum wasn't going to catch some kind of disease.

I am wearing a Proenza Schouler jacket, a Zara scarf, an Isabel Marant top, Elizabeth and James trousers and Alexander Wang boots.

The Comedown


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                                                                           Photos by Lea, edited by me

Slush, drizzle, one degree weather and overcast skies. Reality has kicked in; I'm back in Berlin, knackered, with slightly greasy hair and wedding ringless (it has suddenly disappeared). London Fashion Week is over, at least for me, and Somerset House seems more like an adrenaline infused memory than something that actually happened just a few days ago. The comedown is now kicking in and it's all feeling a bit depressing. I never thought I would ever be able to partake in any of these events, even if mostly as an onlooked or behind the lens. Berlin, Milan and now London: sometimes it all still feels wonderfully surreal. For me the people themselves make Fashion Week so unbelievably exciting. Seeing old friends, making new ones and getting high on design in the process all makes it so worthwhile. Now, like an ostrich, I'm going to remove my head from the sand and readjust to work and normality. Less peplum, more TEDx. But don't worry, I'd like to leave you with an image unalike to today's greasy hair: my final Fashion Week outfit.

I am wearing an Asos shirt, Elizabeth & James trousers (similar here), an MMMxH&M necklace, Stella McCartney boots, a Proenza Schouler bag (similar here) and a Celine wallet.



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Apologies for my short absence but I was ill. I'm finally back on my feet (even though I'm still looking a bit shit pale), just in time to enjoy this unbelievable 20 degree Sunday weather.

I was always terrible at Math, in particular geometry, but Marni has me reconsidering my distaste for mathematics. I have been wearing this vest for one week straight and my favourite combination is with these haute track pants and a pair of classic black pumps.

No makeup except red lipstick has also been my only war paint.

I am wearing a Marni vest, a jumper from Pixie Market, Elizabeth and James trousers, Zara pumps and an Issey Miyake bag.