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Apocalyptic Musings


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My uniform of choice in the case of an apocalypse consists of none other than Dr. Martens'  acid, oil, fat, petrol and alkali sole repellent boots. They guarantee survival from either a zombie or alien invasion, with a a steel cap ensuring your position as group leader. Maybe I have been watching too much Walking Dead. Nonetheless I'm still adamant on the fact that these are scenarios that are not that unlikely and I would prefer to be prepared.

A pair of heavy leather trousers with side zips, preferrably by Balmain, are essential; adaptable to your shoewear without compromising the aesthetic appeal, as well as offering protection from fatal zombie bites and cold nights.

Since 80% of survival consists of fleeing from imminent death you will be running a lot. A perforated sports jersey will offer optimum ventilation, keeping you looking and feeling cool.

Lastly but not least, a homage to humanity and its tragic demise: the ghetto bomber. The colour trio of black, red and gold not only makes me feel and appear patriotic but would also appeal to the Gods of hip hop, which are always beneficial to have on your side in the event of such a horror scenario. Just think of Shaun of the Dead; it could happen.

I am wearing a vintage silk bomber jacket, a Miharayasuhiro top, Balmain leather trousers and Doc Martens.

Pulling Shapes


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                                                                                    Photos by Leni

This is what happens when I'm left alone with Henrik Vibskov's pants. Halfway throughout our very long shoot, of which you've already seen the behind the scenes here, I decided to put myself in front of the camera and pull shapes (and faces), sans glasses, sleep and makeup with Leni documenting my idiotic moves. It's important to not take yourself or fashion too seriously.

The glove pockets are the most genius design detail of the century. Since the trousers were for the shoot, the size was too small (and I know they aren't the most flattering on me), but you get the idea of the level of über-coolness these are on. Hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on them in the near future and wear them baggy with a shirt semi-tucked in. The Zara shirt I'm wearing ended up flying all over the place thanks to my acrobat skills and enthusiastically flailing arms.

I have a lot of thanks to say tomorrow so expect a Christmas post. Until then, I hope you are getting through the last day (or two for those that celebrate on the 25th) of manic Christmas preparations. See you tomorrow!

I am wearing a Zara shirt, Leni's Doc Martens and pants by Henrik Vibskov.

See You on the Other Side


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Alasdair and I took these photos at our wedding venue, Kloster Eberbach, during our quick weekend trip filled with appointments and the atmosphere on this cloudy and mist shrouded day was just magical. These photos transport me to a different world filled with enchanted forests and hobbits. We found broken slates, hidden bird nests and secret doorways at the end of a field that was part of the monastery grounds.

An appropriate outfit would have been a long lacy dress or something else romantic but my morning hangover, lack of sleep and tiny suitcase meant I had to wear the "tougher" outfit I had packed. The thick shirt and jumper mean I look like a miniature version of the Michelin man, at least on top. The 90s really have a hold on me.

I am wearing a vintage jacket, H&M jumper, vintage denim shirt, Nudie Jeans jeans, Doc Martens boots, Moxham bracelet and a Deadly Ponies bag.



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One of my latest favourite outfits. The 90s are slowly becoming a fixture in my wardrobe choices. Backpacks, Doc Martens and denim shirts just feel very right, especially when mixed with an aztec print poncho that I bought around this time last year and various hues of blue.

I am wearing an Asos poncho, Jewel & Wool scarf, vintage denim shirt, Acne jeans, Mata Hari backpack and Doc Martens boots.