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Muddy Waters


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Right after this photo was taken I was already beginning to suffer from the onset of a heatstroke. I was asked to take two photos of two winter outfits and state what this winter's "must have" (remember my fall post?) is for a Guatemalan print magazine. This may sound ignorant but I had no idea that a winter wardrobe would ever be necessary in Guatemala. I immediately wrote down "oversized shearling jacket" and this is the "no fuss outfit" that I put together. I can't wait to actually wear this once it is cold enough. There's no better feeling than being able to wrap yourself up in a toasty jacket that would probably save you from a Siberian winter, except of course when it is in fact a 33 degree day in the middle of August. Thanks Acne, you rock.

I am wearing an Acne jacket, Stussy jumper, Denim & Supply jeans and Isabel Marant pumps.

P.S. I don't like my face right now but I'll try looking into the camera and actually smiling more often.