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Bowtied Penguins


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Phew! What seems to have been a case of me having taken a mini blogging vacation was actually me having to have worked late all last week in the run up to two events. So things will be getting much livelier again here, expecially since I finally have my lens back! This month I'll be heading to Scotland for a wedding and Milan for a weekend during Fashion Week and I can't wait for a small change of scenery.

You may remember I spoke about my 3D penguin jumper in my last post? Well here it is, in all it's messed up, 80s glory. Something so sickeningly cute has to be paired with a pair of angry boots and some leather, preferably in a skirt silhoutte, to at least hint at some form of youthful femininity.

While I have the chance, I'd also like to introduce you to my bike, which even two years later, I have still not named. Alasdair's is called Pegasus.

I am wearing a vintage jumper, an Asos skirt, Balenciaga boots and a Proenza Schouler bag.

Rave New World


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I don‘t read fashion magazines. Occasionally I grab a copy of The Gentlewoman or Interview Magazine because, unlike withVogue, I don‘t have to flip through 600 pages of Gucci advertisements to find a decent article.

When I came across this image from Vogue UK‘s editorial „Rave New World“ it sparked off a firework of ideas in my mass-media saturated mind. When it‘s become the norm to click through this digital, endless ocean of information and images known as the internet within seconds, it is almost a cause for celebration when you stumble across something that sends your emotions and imagination into hyperdrive.

I may have even peed my pants a little.

The styling is incredible, and when I mean incredible, I mean that I couldn‘t stop thinking of it for over a month now and counting. Of course I had to make an attempt at this completely inappropriate beach ensemble myself and take it to the streets of Berlin sans tropical background and effortless posing. That is where these glorious, havoc wreaking boots of pain come in, worn with a pair of sexy socks for my own protection because I‘m a wimp when it comes to blisters and, voilá!

I am wearing a Stussy jumper, H&M trousers and Balenciaga boots.

Heel Busters


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Hamish loves shoes almost as much as me. He likes to drag them into his bed and nap with them. In this case he decided he had to try them on as well. After looking for them for over a year I accidentally found them on eBay. Almost new, terribly beautiful and I managed to haggle them down to less than the original selling price. Unfortunately the stiff leather removed about half the skin on each heel on the first day of wearing them. I'm not even exaggerating. My feet are currently bandaged up. So yeah, I hate you a little bit right now Balenciaga.

I would like to thank the lovely Maria for this wonderful feature she did on me. Check it out here!