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Berry Hues


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I have completely fallen for berry hues and rich prints, most likely being prompted by the brilliant colour spectrum that's befallen the trees in Berlin. These photos that Jana took capture autumn's melancholic beauty so well. Fall always makes me want to get lost in my own thoughts, bury my nose in fantasy books and cuddle up under the covers with Hamish and Alasdair. It's by far my favourite season of the year. Combining my favourite quilted top with a puffy, gauzy blouse and this geometric-print vest was something I've been meaning to try for ages. 

I am wearing a Topshop top, Fleamadonna blouse, Marni vest, Current/Elliot jeans, Alexander Wang loafers and a Christopher Kane clutch.

Tousled Thoughts


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I just arrived back in Berlin after four days in Scotland where we attended a wedding and met up with Alasdair's parents. Like with so many things, you only truly learn to appreciate them once they are gone. After four years of living in this country that I am sure has more sheep than people living in it, I was desperate to go back to Germany and now I miss so many aspects of my Scottish life, that each visit makes it more difficult to say farewell.

With the U.S. and the Netherlands it was the same thing, I was desperate to leave, and it was only when I did, that I realised how amazing these places are in their own way. So needless to say, these four days have been heaven and being reunited with very close friends and family made me want to just stay for another week. Of course reality is always there to remind you that you actually have a dog and a job to go back to. I'm not complaining though.

I didn't get to spend much time rediscovering Edinburgh or to take photos as the trip was solely for the wedding but we did manage to take outfit pictures. I always love what wind does to hair and clothing in photos and as you can see, there is plenty of that in Scotland.

I am wearing a Zara cardigan, a Topshop jumper, A Tibi top underneath, Denim & Supply jeans, Zara boots (worn open as stolen from Columbine Smille) and a Christopher Kane clutch