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Dont' be scared away by my giant red face in this video. Today we're goint to take a small break from wedding photos and go back to the roots of this blog, fashion! A while ago Leni from came to our flat to shoot an episode of the Look At Me series with me. I threw some of my favourite items together, including tons of Fashionology jewellery, to create a pastel look that I would love to wear during the upcoming fashion week. Hamish clearly thought we were going somewhere exciting afterwards, too bad it was just to the living room. Yes yes, I'm wearing too much rouge and my hair looks stupid but what the hell, I had no time for touch ups! We filmed this right after I returned home from work to catch the waning light. Thank you Leni, I love the video!

I am wearing a jacket from Merchant Archive, a blouse from Thailand, a collar from eBay, Prada trousers, Carin Wester wedges, a Proenza Shouler bag and lots of Fashionology jewellery.

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