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So Fresh and So Clean


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I have been so focused on sourcing the perfect outfits for the models that I shoot with that when it comes to my own back, it's left feeling a little bit neglected. My last month in Asia had me living in a proverbial cave where anything but tshirts and jeans shorts didn't exist. Back in Berlin I have been shamefully satisfied traipsing around in jumpers with questionable spots on the sleeves, the same old jeans and the H&M x MMM coat that I can transform into a tent or blanket when needed. Desperate times called for desperate measures. I finally put on a fresh shirt and a different pair of jeans and a pair of shoes that aren't screaming for resolement. I no longer look like a bum.

Balenciaga and Isabel Marant to the rescue though and you're left feeling like a million dollars. Literally. Proenza Schouler is the cherry on top that has me jumping from rock to rock in last last last last season's favourite pieces. I've missed you fashion!

I'm wearing a Proenza Schouler jacket, a no name shirt, Isabel Marant jeans and Balenciaga boots.

The Tried and Failed Drawer


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Body conscious dressing is not my forte. It often happens that I have a certain look in my head, regardless of  the structure of the indvidual pieces and whether this combination would look good on me as a size 12, this ensemble being a perfect example. A boxy top and pencil skirt that technically ends above the knee with boots that cut off your ankles is most likely a recipe for aesthetic disaster but I find certain combinations have to be tried and tested. The combinations that shouldn't work have always fascinated me the most and I'll be trying and testing my way to outfit perfection. This one might have to land in the tried and failed drawer but that's where you come in.

Red lipstick always makes me look so grumpy.

I am wearing a second hand Isabel Marant top, a skirt thanks to Front Row Shop, Balenciaga boots and a bracelet by Inch Child.



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Boston was so damn perfect. I just arrived back in Berlin after a long bus ride back to NYC followed by a very interesting cab experience to the airport. I'm still gutted I didn't manage to very quickly squeeze in that final meal of pig trotters and lotus root in China Town. Next time. Being greeted with blossoms and amazing weather makes coming home feel almost like an extended holiday.

I found this ghetto Hermes style bomber in the vintage store Artifaktori I spoke about in my last post. I combined it with the latest addition to my frightening collection of sports jerseys that I found in Bodega, the most insane shop I have ever been to. Imagine entering a small, run-down covenient store with a giant Snapple vending machine, which in reality is an electric door leading to the store itself. Bodega specialises in street-wear and special collaborations such as Nike x Missoni. Thanks America for an amazing time. I'll be seeing you soon.

I am wearing a vintage bomber, a Mark McNairy top, a Henri Bendel necklace, Current/Elliot jeans and Balenciaga boots.

Reigning Supreme in NYC


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I'm in NYC right now visiting my family and my mind is still adjusting to the fact that there is an insane amount of skyscrapers and crazy taxi drivers. Tomorrow I'm already Boston bound to see my sister for five days. I've been stocking up on jerseys and caps and reigning supreme on Wooster Street. Gotta keep it short and sweet because I'm off to China Town now to enjoy my last night!

I am wearing a Supreme cap, a blouson from Urban Outfitters and top from Miharayasuhiro, leather trackies from Mango and boots from Balenciaga.

Serotonin Dose


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Berlin had its first taste of spring this weekend and I celebrated with studs and waffles while planting my behind in front of a random door to soak up some Vitamin D. After what feels like the longest winter since the ice age, my serotonin levels were most likely through the roof after having felt those sun rays on my face. Hello spring! I have seriously missed you.

I am wearing a Unif leather jacket, a Gina Tricot jumper, Acne leather trousers, Balenciaga boots and a Céline wallet.