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Perfectly Tailored


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Photos by Zoë Noble

I have started eyeing my wardrobe realising that certain items need to be taken to the tailor, shortened or the cut slightly altered, this dress being the perfect example. It is a short hemline snippet and a cut optimisation away from the perfect fit, currently sitting at the less than flattering mid-calf length in addition to being slightly too large. Several of my blouses could have tighter collars, trousers shortened or dresses a slightly better fit around the waist. How many of you go to the tailor to have the fit of your items optimised? Zara and Co.'s myriad of sizes and often less than perfect cuts mean every item has a much shorter lifespan than it probably should. I realised I keep those pieces that truly sit flawlessly for much longer, whatever their original cost. Maybe it's time for a complete fitting overhaul in order to avoid cankles thanks to perfectly tailored pieces.

I ventured into the world of hats and bought myself this cat ear riding helmet hybrid that I haven't yet decided on whether it looks ridiculous or cool on my giant head.

Thank you lovely Zoë for these wonderful photos! I had so much fun with you!

I am wearing a Paper London coat, an Asos dress, an H&M necklace, a Gladys Tamez Millinery hat, Nelly x 5inchandup hair cuff, Céline shoes and a Whistles bag.

Tartan Army


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                                                                  Photos by Jana van de Boldt, edited by me

My love for Sotland meant that hopping on the tartan train was obviously going to happen and this Ganni coat is the perfect androgynous don't care blanket hybrid to throw on over pretty much anything. The more tartan the merrier, best incorporated as a scarf that has taken on a life of its own. The chance of an overdose is pretty much close to nil, which KTZ already demonstrated with its tartan army of models on the catwalk last year. All that is missing now is a pair of bagpipes for me to toot.

This pair of wool coated, neoprene drop-crotch pants by German label Rundholz remind of a forest gnome gone goth and are clearly on a whole other level of awesome. Gold accents, a mother of a hangover and this Moxham weapon of destruction hanging around my neck are the final touches to one of my first Fall outfits.

I am back in Berlin and have taken the shitty weather with me and am now getting some kind of plan together for my trip to Paris next week.

I am wearing a Ganni coat, an ASOS scarf, a Moxham necklace, a top by Tibi, trousers by Rundholz, Givenchy boots and a 3.1 Phillip Lim clutch.

Clutch Me Tightly


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This clutch needs a lot of love so, to appease it, I do what it tells me: I hold and caress it while wiggling my toes in these cray cray flatforms by Minimarket, thanks to Agency V Berlin. Only eight of these were made as part of a collaboration with the Berlin shop Baerck. The last days of summer are drawing near and September has a lot of traveling and exciting projects in store for me starting off with London Fashion Week in less than two weeks. I hope to see some of you there!

I am wearing an Asos dress, a Sophia Webster clutch and Minimarket x Baerck flatforms.

Don't Grow Up, It's a Trap


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I still remember when I was around six and my friend Caroline and I were clad in nothing but white cotton underwear, covered in mud stains with a crown of leaves adorning our bowl-cuts. I had just read Robinson Crusoe while lounging in the apple tree in our backyard (it added dramatic effect to the already terrifying story). After eating almost 15 apples (this is a true story) and subsequently suffering from unsurprising stomach cramps, I decided to make it my mission to relive what is still one of my favourite novels in my parents' garden. The thick bushes seemed to be a suitable alternative to the "Island of Despair". My obsessions with pirates, tree climbing and apples only intensified that magical summer.

Onesies are the BabyGro for adults that are either flying off to Never Never Land in the depths of the night or are, like myself, refusing to fall into the trap of monotony called growing up. Sophia Webster's whimsical creations à la Alice in Wonderland's "drink me" potion only enhance that certain "child at heart" aspect. Purchasing one of her clutches was like jumping into one of McDonald's' ball pits, ie. the happiest moment of my life. Since toddlers aren't able to walk, sitting on various pavements in my giant BabyGro only seemed appropriate, armed with a lot of pictorial vitamin C thanks to the pineapples on my jumper.

I am wearing an Asos Marketplace jumper, an Urban Outfitters onesie, Isabel Marant Betty sneakers and a Sophia Webster clutch.

Unfamiliarly Feminine


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Amongst a sea of GDR "Plattenbau" buildings, or, translated into English: "buildings made with precast concreteslabs", these pillars jut out in all their prominent beauty. Berlin's architecture is as crazy as the Wild West; modernity clashes with the opulance of bygone centuries and everything is somehow harmonious.

My meager collection of dresses and summer wardrobe as a whole had me standing in front of countless blouses with no appropriate bottom feeling extremely frustrated with temperatures climbing above 30. I dug out this Asos dress, purchased last summer, together with two of my most ladylike accesories and left feeling unfamiliarly feminine. I think it is high time to rediscover my love for dresses and give the inner tomboy an occasional rest.

I am wearing an Asos dress (similar here), an L.K. Bennett x Caroline Issa clutch and Chloé sandals (similar here).