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The Regular Please


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I found this Thai bomber jacket in a second hand store here in Berlin for a laughable 35 €. Nothing beats vintage shopping when you find unique pieces such as this one. What to some is a martini (shaken, not stirred) is to me the ethnic print jacket and when it comes in mouthwatering cotton candy tones, any preventative measures regarding purchase of said item are futile. Coupled with a midriff baring jumper (slightly outwith my comfort zone but what the hell) and a new pair of genius-meets-awkward Pollini boots that appear as if I've been hopping from one oil puddle into the next, this outfit has been recycled four times over.

I am wearing a vintage bomber jacket, an Acne jumper, an Anton Heunis necklace, Zara jeans and Pollini boots.

The Somerset House Frenzy


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                                                                               Photos by Lea and I

I survived my first official day of London Fashion Week with bare legs, a packed Somerset House, an anthill of photographers, bloggers and God knows what else. The atmosphere here is amazing! I finally met part of the CofD team: Lene, Lian and Suzanne and finally saw Anouk again. We first met in Milan. I was also finally reunited again with Kelley and her lovely fiance Sean who both interviewed me for their wonderful blog Majestic Disorder.

My white Celine pumps were taken out properly for the first time ever and although there was more stumbling than walking initially, I ended up being able to tiptoe about in them quite well. Today I'm off to the Grazia/Matches event and to see the Topshop Unique show, which I'm sure will not fail to impress. There's so much more to tell so a more in depth recap will be appearing here soon!

I am wearing an Asos dress and belt (similar here), Celine pumps and wallet, an Anton Heunis necklace and a Max Mara Atelier coat.

In Front of Fendi


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After attending the Frankie Morello show (of which I was not able to take any photos - the amount of cell phones placed right in front of my face, just over my head and next to my ears meant my senses were pretty much out of service, pun not intended), Anouk and I hobbled to the next taxi that dropped us off just outside the Fendi show. That akward feeling that crept up on me at Frankie Morella was multiplied by about a thousand once I saw the mass of models, celebrities and photographers milling outside the main entrance.

My camera did allow me to hide 65% of my moony face, which automatically made me feel a lot of more at ease. Please understand, I have no problem with my looks but I am also not confident enough to hurl myself into a group of individuals such as the ones I spoke about in my post here and think "hey, this is where I belong, I definitely fit in". I'm rather that person that accidentlly snorts when they laugh or has food stuck in their hair.

But, for anyone that appreciates an inspirational outfit, Milan Fashion Week will leave you with various bugs trying to fly into your permanently open mouth. The attendees master that perfect balance between eclectic, chic, innovative and couture, something that you don't really see in Berlin and something that I don't really believe exists in such a way in London. Then again, each Fashion Week, may it be New York, London, Milan, Paris, Berlin or Stockholm, offers its own, unique mix of diverse but regionally influenced style that is impossible to copy.

What you're looking at:

  1. Elisa Nalin: one of the few well known women that was laughing and smiling and bringing an air of lightheartedness to an event that feels like everything but.
  2. An explosion of colour and tan skin
  3. I have no idea who she is but she is incredibly beautiful and her Fendi outfit a dream.
  4. Legs that go on forever, also knows as the incredible Maria Kolosova, editor of Harper's Bazaar and blogger of Kyklamasha. Anouk interviewed her for CofD previously. Read it here!
  5. Our conversaiton started something like this, me: "May I take your picture? Are you from Germany? I thought I heard you speaking German...", them: "Ahhh! How exciting yes we are! We are the editors of InStyle! Where are you from?" And then we exchanged friendship bracelets and hugged it out. Just kidding about that last part. It was a close call though.
  6. Linda Tol, the blonder half of the Dutch duo behind Lifestylehunters.
  7. I find the small, surprising detail of the scuffed boots makes this outfit so spectacular, not to mention that beautiful bag.
  8. The pyjama trend, finally making it acceptable to fall asleep in public. This should have been trendy back when I was in university. Maybe keep those bunny printed, fleece onesies safely tucked away in your bedroom though becaue I'm pretty sure that they won't fall under the "acceptable" category. 
  9. Ivelina, I, and the frumpy, rolled up jumper that makes me look like I'm smuggling the contents of a small supermarket underneath...I've decided to crop that badboy and allude to the fact that I do atually have somewhat of a waistline. (These two photos are by FriChic, edited by me)

I am wearing a J.W. Anderson jumper, an Asos skirt, an Anton Heunis necklace, a Moxham bracelet, a Celine bag and Christian Louboutin pumps



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Today was the first day at my new job! I don't want to grow up yet. This was something I wore the other day. The vintage jumper is one of my favourites in my closet and it was asking to be paired with this necklace that looks like a smashed up Fabergé egg. I was never really the jewellery type and have a very small collection but I think I've seen the light. Throw on a ketchup stained t-shirt worn to your favourite club that same night and no one will notice. They'll just ask you were you got that neck piece from.  I hope you haven't gotten sick of my gym inspired outfits yet. They make me feel so much more sportive than I really am. Gotta go, my glass of wine is empty.

I am wearing a vintage jumper, an Anton Heunis necklace, Denim & Supply jeans that I sleep in, Isabel Marant trainers and a Celine bag that for some reason is worn the wrong way around in one photo.

P.S. One day I'll learn to look in the camera and make you feel uncomfortable.

Unseasonal Colours


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Although it is still far too warm to be wearing more than one layer I've been experimenting with possible jumper combinations. A peek of colour is something I always neglect during the colder months. I plan on achieving this with completely unseasonal flower prints and ghetto bling as seen above or something as equally seasonally print innappropriate. Help me out here Stella.

I am wearing a Zara blouse, an Acne jumper and an Anton Heunis necklace.