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The Dependables


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                                                                               Photos by Lea, edited by me

After a series of bright ensembles during LFW, the soupy sky has caused me to return to burgundy, black and generally wintery colours. I might as well milk that until I bust out the neons for spring again. The weather has always been a very influential factor in throwing together my daily wear. When it gets too depressing, the brights get  toted about as a form of protest. This blouse is one of the oldest items in my closet. I've had it for six years and it still is one of those items that I depend on. It's been to the grungiest parties and the longest days at uni; we go way back. I think in a time of hyper-circulation when it comes to new items, it's important to retain certain pieces that are dependable and personally timeless, otherwise you end up losing your grip on reality. I remember a friend from Scotland who would purchase a completely new wardrobe every month at Primark. Insanity has no limits when it comes to shopping.

I am wearing a Carven coat, a Diana Orving blouse, a Moxham bracelet, My Pet Square leather trousers, All Saints boots and a DvF bag.



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                                                                                  Photos by Lea

I'm finally back on my feet after being struck down with the flu, thankfully just in time for Christmas. A recent trip to H&M, armed with a Christmas gift certificate given to me by my work, rendered this beautiful leopard print jacket from H&M, which I paired with these new All Saints boots that visually transform my feet into bi-coloured hooves. Confusing silhouettes were achieved thanks to Carven. There's nothing sexier than appearing as if you have 4 arms.

I am wearing a Carven coat, an H&M jacket, an Acne jumper, Mango leather trousers, All Saints boots and a Celine bag.

Apologies for not having responded to all the comments yet, I'll catch up on that this week!

Proverbial Shield


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                                                                            Photos by Lea (Dörrface), last one by me.

Slightly puffy eyes, no time energy to put on makeup and unruly hair that I took three minutes of my precious morning to brush - I have been running on empty this week (and it's only Tuesday) and am now buried under layers of down and wool in order to get rid of whatever it is that's decided to make me stay at home.

My fist-pump-jump was probably when my theoretical generator was kickstarted, taking me through the rest of Monday and ultimately turning off when there was no more energy available at the beginning of Tuesday.

Shearling, Doc Martens and leather trousers are my proverbial shield as of late, whereas a certain man in my neighbourhood is reaching towards a questionable pair of pink snowboots, which are trecking past our door every morning. Do I need to mention that:

  • We have 87654345 feet of snow hiding Berlin's plethora of bits and bobs that you'd rather see in a bin than under your feet. - It's magical.
  • It's -23985° outside.
  • It's fucking awesome.

I am wearing an Acne jacket, a Topshop jumper, a Zara shirt, All Saints leather trousers and Doc Martens.



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My outfit today. Can't be going all crazy in the office. Totally j'aiming this t-shirt by Mija, especially paired with my blinging necklace and one of my favourite handbags. I have paired these shoes and this parka about 1000x over. Think I'll continue doing that. Abrupt sentence stops are kind of my thing today. See you later skaters.

I am wearing a Bitching and Junkfood parka, a t-shirt by Mija, a necklace by Anton Heunis, leather trousers from All Saints, Isabel Marant shoes and an Alexander Wang bag.

P.S. Thank you Lea for meeting me to take some photos!!!


Was ich heute trage. Kann ja nicht total verrückt auf der Arbeit aussehen. Habe mich also zusammen gerissen. Liebe dieses T-shirt von Mija, besonders in Kombination mit meiner bling bling Kette und eine meiner Lieblingshandtaschen. Das ist jetzt schon so das 1000x, dass ich diesen Parka mit diesen Schuhen trage. Werde das auch weiterhin tun. Schlecht konstruierte Sätze sind heute mein Ding. Bis später!

Ich trage einen Bitching und Junkfood Parka, ein T-shirt von Mija, eine Kette von Anton Heunis, eine Lederhose von All Saints, Isabel Marant Schuhe und eine Alexander Wang Tasche.

P.S. Danke Lea, dass du mich getroffen hast um Fotos zu machen!!!

Luxe Grunge


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I visited the Dutch Art and Design Gallery today for work with Alasdair. I can't wait to show you the photos! It's such an amazing place, full of light hearted and witty designs that are so typically Dutch and always bring a smile to my face. The owners are from Groningen (my favourite city in the Netherlands) and moved to Berlin about a year ago.

On my way back to the office we passed these beautiful, forgotten letter boxes that were the perfect backdrop for my grungy jacket. Tie dyed perfection. I kept the rest of the look simple.

I am wearing an Isabel Marant jacket, Zara silk blouse, All Saints leather trousers, Fashionology necklace and Acne boots.