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Neighbourhood Musings


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As you can see I went furniture shopping. While the neighbourhood wolf (we clearly complement each other so well) was happily peeing on my new couch, I was contemplating how to get it back to the flat. After the Dachsund/Labrador mix came by and also decided to raise his leg I gave up on this fine mustard coloured specimen. While all this was going down I was chilling in this black and white combo with a dash of tartan, hoping my bum wasn't going to catch some kind of disease.

I am wearing a Proenza Schouler jacket, a Zara scarf, an Isabel Marant top, Elizabeth and James trousers and Alexander Wang boots.

Modern Day Daisy Buchanan


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Although it was my initial thought, a sidecut does not guarantee ear swag. In fact, it often borderline makes me look like a lesbian, which is why I tend to avoid earrings apart from my miniature ear cuffs that have become a firm fixture. In Cologne I came across an unbelievable selection of vintage and very feminine jewellery and took this Daisy Buchanan pair dating from the 40s home with me. A pair of wide-legged trousers that might offer enough fabric to go parachuting with were a fitting match, coupled with a cropped jumper that makes my torso look questionably short. Speaking of firm fixtures, this fluffy Zara vest is celebrating its comeback for the third year in a row and has even survived a minor attack from Lea's dog. Its fluffyness reamins undeterred.

I am wearing a vintage earring, an Acne jumper and trousers, a Zara vest and Alexander Wang loafers.

Golden October


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Photos by Jana

I have clearly mastered the feat of blending in with the forest while wearing a brocade coat. A baroque moment yesterday had me putting on one of my oldest and beloved lace blouses by Paul and Joe, which I bought six years ago. Slouchy burgundy leather, tasseled loafers and a heavily embellished clutch brought my theatrical performance back into the 21st century. The golden leaves and swirling dust lent a mystical air to the whole setting, which meant these photos have been left almost completely the way they were.

I am wearing a vintage Miu Miu coat, a Paul and Joe lace blouse, My Pet Square leather trousers, Alexander Wang loafers and a Mawi clutch.

Florida Keys


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It's been a little bit silent this past week because I finished working at my PR job on Thursday and will now be devoting all my time to styling shoots in addition to the blog until I start my Masters! So the silence was/is only temporary. I've missed exploring Berlin, traveling and holding interviews, which I will now finally have time for again, in addition to going to both London and Paris Fashion Week this year. I'm so excited to be starting this new chapter in my life.

Another Asos Marketplace find: this stereotypical Florida holiday shirt that I imagine some old man wore while having pancakes in some diner with a lot of maple syrup with his wife who just wrestled her hair out of a bunch of curlers she slept on overnight. Both probably cruised around in a woodie and talked about when they were going to take their boat out next.

Some hardcore hardware and this motorcycle on the pavement rounded this look off perfectly.

Since my styling work has gotten a lot more serious, I've finally launched an official Facebook page. If you like my outfit concoctions, check it out and show me some love!

I am wearing a Ragged Priest leather vintage vest, a vintage shirt, J-Brand jeans and Alexander Wang boots.

Preserving My Dignity


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In three days time I'll be making a first class idiot of myself at London Fashion Week (I still think I may have flashed a bum cheek in Milan while forcing my body to contort into an unnatural position in order to get a snap of Mira parading down the concrete catwalk (yes the sidewalk, but I like my cheesy version more). Who knows, maybe there'll be more naked flesh presentations while in London, although the temperatures mean tights will be involved. I don't want a bladder infection after all.

As 95% of the female population has been doing, I have also been drooling over leather dungarees. Of course my favourites are sold out. Everywhere. I thought the Whistle's version was a long overdue wardrobe acquisition but squeezing into a size 6 is a feat I will most definitely not accomplish. On the other hand, J Brand's skin tight tuxedo legged duo is still winking at me cheekily from my-wardrobe's shopping basket, as is that perfect pair of leather skinnies.

All possible risk of baring an inappropriate cheek would be averted if one threw on those bits and pieces detailed above. I may have to consider, if only to preserve my dignity.

From left to right, top to bottom:

Geometric jumper by Front Row Shop, Leather Skinnies by J Brand, Poker Clutch by Front Row Show, Clutch by Olympia Le-Tan, Leather Dungarees by Whistles, Loafers by Phillip Lim 3.1, Beanie by Front Row Shop, Pumps by Alexander Wang, Tuxedo Jeans by J Brand