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Jasna Fritzi Bauer

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Meet the coolest person I have ever met: Jasna Fritzi Bauer. She is an up and coming German actress that recently won the BUNTE New Faces award. If you don't know who she is don't worry, she is only well known in Germany and Austria. For my work I was lucky enough to visit Jasna in her home and photograph her within her four walls. Her apartment that she shares with a friend is filled with random trinkets that they have both collected during their many travels. It is like something out of The Selby. I couldn't stop photographing almost every inch of the flat, there was constantly something that made me laugh including her. In between talking about her films, our dogs, Mao (yes Mao because their flat has several small busts of him from when they travelled to China) and generally just having amazing banter, I took these shots of her. She has the most infectious personality and you leave wishing you were best friends.

The photoshoot is featured in last month's Mitteschön issue together with an interview.