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Apologies for the four day silence but unfortunately my lens is still in the repair shop. Three things I can't live without: my laptop, my phone and my camera and one of my three lifelines is not usable! Instagram has been quite the lifesaver in my time of need. What you see:

1. I spent the weekend in Frankfurt and this was the view from my friend's room.

2. Last weekend's Sunday breakfast.

3. My little Hamish playing in the park.

4. My new and extremely amazing Jeremy Scott for Adidas top from the men's collection.

5. Yesterday just before I left Frankfurt to drive back to Berlin. My essentials on the bed: car keys, my wallet, my glasses and my house keys.

6. Me with my favourite, studded camo vest, my J'aime Marant tee and an Anton Heunis necklace.

7. What I wore on Saturday. I am still so in love with sporty luxe dressing.

8. Where I often go for a walk after work.

9. Details from an outfit favourite from a while ago.

10. Delicious frozen yoghurt with fruit from Efa's.

11. Trusted favourites: Sam Edelman leopard boots.

12. Lots of gold and silver ribbons on Mulackstraße.

Jasna Fritzi Bauer

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Meet the coolest person I have ever met: Jasna Fritzi Bauer. She is an up and coming German actress that recently won the BUNTE New Faces award. If you don't know who she is don't worry, she is only well known in Germany and Austria. For my work I was lucky enough to visit Jasna in her home and photograph her within her four walls. Her apartment that she shares with a friend is filled with random trinkets that they have both collected during their many travels. It is like something out of The Selby. I couldn't stop photographing almost every inch of the flat, there was constantly something that made me laugh including her. In between talking about her films, our dogs, Mao (yes Mao because their flat has several small busts of him from when they travelled to China) and generally just having amazing banter, I took these shots of her. She has the most infectious personality and you leave wishing you were best friends.

The photoshoot is featured in last month's Mitteschön issue together with an interview.

Urban Jungle


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A really short post of what I'm wearing today. I've been combining camouflage, tie dye and neon a lot recently. It's a little frightening how many pieces in my wardrobe fit into one of those three categories. I've also been dressing like a boy for almost a month now. I'm suprised no one has started calling me Andreas yet since that's what my classmates thought my name was when I walked through the door on my first day of 4th grade.  I think I need to rediscover skirts and dresses, at least for a little bit. With this vest.

I want my lens back! Using my old camera makes me nothing but depressed.

I am wearing a vest by The Ragged Priest, a t-shirt by Merz B. Schwanen, necklace by Anton Heunis, jeans by Isabel Marant, sandals by Chloe and a bag by Pucci.


Ein extrem kurzer Eintrag über mein heutiges Outfit. Ich kombiniere jetzt schon seit einer Weile Batik, Camouflage und Neonfarben, am besten zusammen gewürfelt. Es ist etwas erschreckend, wie voll mein Schrank mit Kleidungsstücken ist, die in einer der drei oben genannten Kategorien passen. Dazu bin ich gerade am glücklichsten in Männer-Ensembles mit Absatzschuhen. Es ist, glaube ich, mal wieder an der Zeit ein Kleid oder wenigstens einen Rock anzuziehen. Dann aber mit dieser Weste.
Ich will mein Objektiv endlich wieder haben! Tiefste Enttäuschung breitet sich in mir aus, sobald ich meine alte Kamera in der Hand habe.

I trage eine Weste von The Ragged Priest, ein T-Shirt von Merz B. Schwanen, eine Kette von Anton Heunis, Jeans von Isabel Marant, Sandalen von Chloe und eine Tasche von Pucci.



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Presenting to you a recap of some of my favourite outfits worn over the past few months. My lens is currently getting repaired, hence why my posts haven't been as regular. It's such a shame that once an outfit post has gone online it disappears after a short while and is forgotten about so I thought I'd, so-to-speak, rummage around and dig out my dusty favourites.

Ignore the akward facial expressions.


Hier einige meiner Lieblingsoutfits, die ich vor längerer und auch kürzerer Zeit getragen habe. Ich finde es immer schade, dass jeder Outfitpost kurz nach der Veröffentlichung auf Nimmerwiedersehen im Wirrwarr des Internets verschwindet. Meine verstaubten Favoriten habe ich jetzt wieder rausgekramt. Mein Objektiv wird momentan repariert also hoffentlich kann ich euch bald wieder regelmäßiger mit Outfitposts betören.

Einfach meine ungelungenen Gesichtsausdrücke ignorieren.



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My outfit today. Can't be going all crazy in the office. Totally j'aiming this t-shirt by Mija, especially paired with my blinging necklace and one of my favourite handbags. I have paired these shoes and this parka about 1000x over. Think I'll continue doing that. Abrupt sentence stops are kind of my thing today. See you later skaters.

I am wearing a Bitching and Junkfood parka, a t-shirt by Mija, a necklace by Anton Heunis, leather trousers from All Saints, Isabel Marant shoes and an Alexander Wang bag.

P.S. Thank you Lea for meeting me to take some photos!!!


Was ich heute trage. Kann ja nicht total verrückt auf der Arbeit aussehen. Habe mich also zusammen gerissen. Liebe dieses T-shirt von Mija, besonders in Kombination mit meiner bling bling Kette und eine meiner Lieblingshandtaschen. Das ist jetzt schon so das 1000x, dass ich diesen Parka mit diesen Schuhen trage. Werde das auch weiterhin tun. Schlecht konstruierte Sätze sind heute mein Ding. Bis später!

Ich trage einen Bitching und Junkfood Parka, ein T-shirt von Mija, eine Kette von Anton Heunis, eine Lederhose von All Saints, Isabel Marant Schuhe und eine Alexander Wang Tasche.

P.S. Danke Lea, dass du mich getroffen hast um Fotos zu machen!!!