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The perfect background for these trousers don't you think? The camoflouge effect makes me invisible to Hamish when we're out walking and he thinks I'm a plant. Clearly Europe wasn't ready for spring since there seems to have been continental wide temperature drop so I'm back to wearing my coat. This specific one. Again. It has pretty much made my extensive coat collection obsolete. I'm not complaining about the chillier weather though, I always end up missing layers in summer. As you know, I don't do simple.

These Alexander Wang loafers have become a wardrobe saviour as well. I have been combining them with almost all of my suit trousers. Click here for more, such as his amazing Nadia sandals that I would love to buy imemdiately or to grab yourself a pair of loafers yourself.

I am wearing a Carven coat, Nowhere jumper, Sportmax trousers, Alexander Wang loafers and an American Apparel clutch.

Leopard in the Jungle


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A super quick post of today's outfit. It's pretty much perfect for me. Clashing but simultaneously completementary patterns and the fact that it makes me feel like Marlene Dietrich mean I wish I could wear it everyday, forever, and it would be totally appropriate. These Alexander Wang loafers have also become a classic wardrobe saviour. I have been combining them with all my suit trousers. If I could, I would immediately buy his Nadia sandals.

This week is going to be incredibly hectic for me. Deadlines at work coupled with frantic, last minute wedding tasks that need to be completed won't allow me to update everyday so just bear with me. We'll be driving down to the Rheingau this weekend to prepare for the wedding. God I can't believe it's actually happening now. I am so excited!

I am wearing a vintage blazer, Acne blouse, H&M trousers, Prada brogues and a Celine bag.

P.S. I'm so sorry I haven't been able to comment back. I have no time right now for anything really but I will catch up on that when things have quieted down! Thank you for your feedback and thoughts, it makes my day!

Paint Splatters


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Running around with this jacket on purely because you love it makes no sense when it is almost 30 degrees outside. Yes, you heard correctly, it is almost 30 degrees in Berlin and I am wearing a heavy denim jacket and indigo jeans. Who said global warming doesn't exist? Soon there will be palm tries lining the streets and they'll have to change the name Unter den Linden.

I want spring though and I'm going to have it at least wardrobe wise. I am a walking tropical drink right now. I can't get enough of obnoxious, bright colours, preferably pink. Trashy tie dye and faded denim, such a delicious concoction. The jacket, the bag and the paint splatter effect shoes on python leather were pretty much meant to be worn together.

I am wearing an Isabel Marant jacket, T-shirt from Thailand, Fossil jeans, Christian Louboutin pumps and a Celine bag.

Dutch Art and Design Gallery


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Tucked away in a beautiful courtyard that feels like an oasis of art and tranquility Jochem and his wife Marja own the Dutch Art and Design Gallery (DAD) in Berlin that I mentioned yesterday. Originally from Groningen they moved to Berlin a year ago. Featuring the works of some amazing artists like product designer Lex Pott, photographer Tessa Verder, artist Peter Bastiaanssen and witty designs by the company Droog.

Tessa combines different photographs of landscapes, from Africa to Iceland, taken during her travels throughout the world, together with copies of works from Dutch masters of the eighteen hundreds to create surreal landscapes that are a sort of modern, clean collage.

Lex Pott has created series of works such as True Colours  where he utilised a number of panels made from different metal oxide species, each with their own colour. His aim was to discover "original" colours that are linked directly to the material in question and that are altered by nature over a long period of time. He applied this thought process to furniture he has created and the results are fascinating.

Have a look if you're in Berlin!