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Hungover Formula Dressing


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My hungover formula dresscode consists of:

- Massively disshevelled hair tucked into a scarf.

- My old-man-jacket that redefines the word "oversized" and features Mary Poppins pockets, eliminating the need for a handbag.

- A pair of boots that mean business.

The seemingly random gold trousers are the result of my Christmas spirit having involuntarily taken over while my squinty eyes in the last photo are a silent plea for sleep, orange juice and cuddles with Hamish.

Don't say anything about my hair. Sometimes it wins its battle with the hairbrush, which wasn't very enthusiastic that morning, and goes off and does its own thing. As punishment I took it to the hairdresser today, who showed it whose boss.

I am wearing a vintage jacket, a Rag and Bone jumper, Reiss trousers and Balenciaga boots.

What is your hungover formula dresscode?