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I've quickly jetted off to Naples with my bestest friend Lea who gifted me this trip for my birthday. It's Italian style loud and very beautiful with countless small alleyways that lead you to intimate, real-life television scenarios of everyday life. You'll pass a woman, leaning out her kitchen window gesticulating and speaking loudly with her friend while the radio is blasting out pop music that hasn't made it into the charts abroad.

We're staying with a bunch of Italians that have a flat overlooking the entire city all the way to the Island of Capri and we were welcomed with a cooking orgy of pulpo and local fish. The smell of the ocean is mixed with the neverending sound of honking horns and barking dogs. The crumbling walls and uneven pavements are the epitome of historic charm and around each corner is an exceptionally well dressed grandpa. Every time I travel I am dumbfounded by how different all the cities and places in the world are to each other. With that in mind, Napoli I love you!

Cambodia Unpublished


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I completely forgot to post my final pictures of Cambodia! It was only two months ago that I was there but time is just running away like a madwoman. That saying too much to do, so little time seems more appropriate the older I get. When I'm 50 I'll be blinking once and the day will already have passed. I love those moments when you discover photos that you completely forgot you took and all the sensory memories come back like it was yesterday. I still remember the sticky heat, the dusty streets, the unpaved roads and the demure and wonderfully hospital people. I hope it's not the last time I get to visit this little but magnificent country.



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The days have been racing by and before I even realised February was already over and now it's basically spring. Where has the time gone?! When you're small time is as slow as syrup and the older you get the more blurred the days become. I've mostly just been throwing on a pair of trusty leather trousers and a thick knit to survive what has been a pretty brutal month workwise. I ended up finally launching my website that I have been working for ages on and I'm pretty damn proud! Here is one of the latest editorials I styled featuring beautiful Nela Binder who has a pair of lips to die for and is just an incredible model. 

Photographer: Jana van de Boldt
Stylist: Sophia Schwan
Hair & Makeup Artist: Eva Dieckhoff
Model: Nela Binder (Elite Model Management)
Post-Production: Carlos Mideros
Assistant: Filiz Dubois

So Fresh and So Clean


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I have been so focused on sourcing the perfect outfits for the models that I shoot with that when it comes to my own back, it's left feeling a little bit neglected. My last month in Asia had me living in a proverbial cave where anything but tshirts and jeans shorts didn't exist. Back in Berlin I have been shamefully satisfied traipsing around in jumpers with questionable spots on the sleeves, the same old jeans and the H&M x MMM coat that I can transform into a tent or blanket when needed. Desperate times called for desperate measures. I finally put on a fresh shirt and a different pair of jeans and a pair of shoes that aren't screaming for resolement. I no longer look like a bum.

Balenciaga and Isabel Marant to the rescue though and you're left feeling like a million dollars. Literally. Proenza Schouler is the cherry on top that has me jumping from rock to rock in last last last last season's favourite pieces. I've missed you fashion!

I'm wearing a Proenza Schouler jacket, a no name shirt, Isabel Marant jeans and Balenciaga boots.



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A while ago I styled this editorial for Schön! Magazine that I wanted to share with you. It was shot by Swedish photographer Rickard Sund starring Valentina Belleza who happens to come from the same city as I do (go Wiesbaden!). I kept it urban and sporty with a hint of elegance and I really love how these images turned out. After a month of travelling on Cambodia's and Thailand's dusty roads I feel a little off key but with a shoot in the Regent Hotel this weekend I'll hopefully be feeling fully immersed in folds of fabric again.

Photography / Rickard Sund

Styling / Sophia Schwan

Model / Valentina Belleza

@ Model Fabrik

Hair & Make Up / Aennikin

Photography Assistant / Nadin Élionore Lapawa